Cold Brew Coffee Company California
Cold Brew Coffee Company California
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    We AreThe

    Coffee Folks

    A group of passionate coffee enthusiasts, roasters, expert tasters, and consumers. For us, coffee is more than everyday routine. We don't take it lightly. We like it bold & robust, aromatic & flavorful. We like to actually taste the origin of the bean.

    For us, the journey is a personal one. We traveled the globe, tasted thousands of brews to find the ideal coffee bean. We source directly from farmers in specific geo-regions in Brazil and Peru, that hand-pick the best coffee beans to ensure the highest quality. Then our roasters and baristas go to work crafting the perfect light roast, slow brewed cold brew to capture Bowery's unique, never-bitter, remarkably smooth, creamy, sweet, delicious taste.



    Never become a capitalistic corporate driven coffee making widget. Why? Because we're an eccentric group of coffee lovers that make a damn fine bottle of coffee that the real coffee community can get behind.

    We're all about authenticity of course. That's who we are to our core. Authentic ingredients, direct trade, single origin coffee beans from Brazil, real caramel, real Tahitian vanilla. You get the picture? Not to mention, we're certified Non-GMO, kosher, and vegan. Can I get a Hallelujah!?​

    Huge shout out to our partners, our farmers, our roasters, our brewmasters, who are cranking out the finest coffee in the land, period.