Benefits of Kosher Drinks

Kosher is an extremely important aspect to the faith of a Jewish person. Kosher is a reference to a set of biblical laws that detail the types of food a Jewish person are allowed to eat and the ways in which they can and cannot eat the food. For something to be considered kosher the ingredients and method of preparation all must be certified for orthodox-kosher compliance. Kosher is a concept that is very much ingrained in the religion of Judaism and it is so imperative that people of the Jewish faith adhere to the idea of kosher. This can be very difficult to do considering a lot of kitchens, cafes, restaurants, etc. do not follow the guidelines of kosher typically and end up preparing food in the presence of other food which is not allowed. This makes it very difficult for people of the Jewish faith to be able to enjoy kosher wherever they go. The problem of why restaurants do not think about implementing the concept of kosher foods and practice into their kitchen could be due to the fact that they see kosher as something difficult to implement into their process, but this is most likely because they do not know of all the wonderful benefits of kosher nor are they fully educated on what kosher is. If cafes, shops, restaurants spent more time on understanding kosher and maybe attempting to implement it into their process it would help those of the Jewish faith have more opportunities for food options when thinking about consuming food outside of the house. In addition, there are actually many benefits to having kosher be a part of not only food preparation, but drink preparation as well and this may surprise you!

What is Kosher & How is it Determined?














So now you understand that kosher is an essential part of the Jewish faith, but maybe a lot of non-Jewish readers out there are confused by what kind of laws or guidelines are set when referring to kosher food and drinks? Basically, kosher foods are divided into three categories which are meat, dairy, and pareve. Meat and dairy items cannot be eaten together nor can they be prepared together using the same cooking pots, pans, or utensils. Pareve tends to refer to foods that are considered neutral and for that reason can be enjoyed and cooked with either dairy or meat items. In reference to drinks (which will be our main focus for today), kosher drinks have to go through a certification process in which an agency must determine that every ingredient that is a part of the drink is kosher, therefore making the drink in all of its entirety kosher. If you for example, decide to open up a coffee shop and wish to make your coffee shop kosher, then you would begin by filling out an application and sending it in to a kosher agency that will determine what kind of drinks or food you are dealing with and assign your application to the most appropriate Rabbinic Coordinator. This Rabbinic Coordinator will then reach out to you and discuss the entirety of your ingredients manufacturing process as well as what would be considered the basics of kosher compliance. During this time, you are encouraged to ask questions and create a sort of plan of how you wish to start and maintain your kosher shop to the best of standards. You are then given a quote on the annual fee you will pay for having your facility kosher certified. The fee will never be created based off the number of products you have or how much you sell out, rather it is based on the depth of work that the agency would have to put in to make sure everything is kosher compliant. A new Accounts Specialist will then walk you through the process of determining how to submit the necessary information about your raw materials. A visit will be arranged to the facility and the Rabbi will make the necessary plans and procedures to ensure that your coffee shop in its entirety always follows kosher procedures. In addition, your staff will be thoroughly trained on how to stick to the highest standards of kosher so that it ensured that everyone working at the facility is on the same page. After this a contract will be drafted and you will be certified! It isn’t a hard process to go through and many are there to help walk you through the process of getting your cafe or shop kosher certified.

Why Choose to Kosher Certify?
So why choose to kosher certify? Are there any benefits to having kosher food and drinks? The answer is yes! Kosher drinks specifically can offer many benefits to the person! Since they are held to the strictest standards and are created based off the concept that all food and beverages have to be pure, you can be sure that your kosher products Here are some benefits that one can expect from a variety of kosher drinks! Check out these benefits of kosher beverages like coffee, tea, and more!

Kosher Coffee Benefits














In the case of kosher coffee there are some benefits that one can receive over the standard coffee. Coffee is considered a neutral food or a pareve. This means it can be eaten with dairy or meat without breaking any guidelines. This means that kosher coffee can still have creamer and dairy in it, but the process of obtaining the dairy is different from that for non-kosher dairy consumers. The dairy must come from a kosher animal and it all must be produced, processed and packaged on kosher equipment. Kosher animals are fed in very good conditions. They are not injected with possible hormones and other bad toxins that could be possible if the animal was not kosher. Kosher animals are fed a very healthy diet, ensuring that the milk from the kosher animal is very clean! You do not need to worry about extra hormones and toxins when you have kosher dairy instead of regular dairy, making that cup of coffee a lot cleaner and healthier for you! Extra hormones that have been added in many cows across America have been deemed to make the dairy that is served at markets and stores, full of extra hormones that can possibly disrupt your own hormones within your body. When it comes to dairy, you want nothing but the best for yourself and kosher dairy products can offer that to you. Since kosher products are put under very strict guidelines and are routinely checked up on, you can be sure that your kosher milk, creamer, and coffee are not filled with other hormones and toxins. You know exactly what you are getting from it, which is so important! In addition, the flavor of kosher coffee is not different at all! You don’t have to sacrifice flavor when it comes to kosher meaning you can still have the same great tasting coffee just with the knowledge that the ingredients are 100% pure and healthy for your body!

Kosher Tea Benefits
Kosher tea has similar benefits to kosher coffee as well. Kosher tea is offered through a myriad of different varieties of tea that people all over the world enjoy. When it comes to kosher drinks, the options you have are still the same and the taste is still something you can thoroughly enjoy! You can rest easy knowing that the ingredients that were prepped to make the tea are 100% of only those ingredients and no other surprises! Manufacturers who are non-kosher can sometimes run into the habit of marketing and selling their products as made of certain ingredients, but since there are no crazy, strict guidelines watching what they put in their product, they could be adding in extra additives or replacing ingredients with things that are unhealthy, yet cheaper. You really honestly can never tell so is so helpful that with kosher you know these products cannot be sold without being supervised on strict conditions, meaning that when you drink your tea, you know exactly what you are getting out of it! You can enjoy a myriad of kosher tea flavors like black tea, green tea, oolong, herbal tea, white, and flavored!

The benefits listed above that apply to both coffee and tea can actually apply to all kosher drinks like soda and juices as well! Kosher sodas and juices are no exception to the rule. As a parent or someone concerned about what they put into their bodies, it is very crucial to make important and informed decisions about the brands of beverages you are buying and where they actually come from. America doesn’t run the tightest ship on their company standards with beverage and food products and it allows many manufacturers to get away with doing the bare minimum on the quality and health safety of their products. Kosher will always be checked in on by a Rabbi and these will always ensure that the kosher products you are receiving are not deceiving you at all like other non-kosher brands can. This becomes the ultimate and most important benefit of consuming kosher beverages!

The Bottom Line with Kosher Beverages














To sum it up for everyone who are curious about buying kosher beverages or actually making your own beverage company, kosher certified, remember that there is absolutely nothing that could really go wrong from choosing to go kosher with your drinks over your regular drinks! You will not have to sacrifice flavor or quality and you can be sure that the standards of your drinks are met to the highest of standards and nothing less. With kosher you are choosing high quality and increased food safety. Those with allergies can rest easy knowing that nothing that is not supposed to be in the product, actually gets into the product which is a major health concern with those who have deadly allergies. In all, going kosher is saying yes to health and demonstrates your understanding to put only the best and appropriate ingredients into your body!

Start with Bowery Cold Brew
If this article has got you excited about all things kosher beverages and you yourself are eager to get your hands on something kosher, then look no more! Bowery cold brew coffee is 100% kosher and super delicious. If you are looking for an iced drink to keep you cool on those hot, sunny days and you still want to reap all the benefits that kosher can bring to you then try out Bowery Coffee today! It is insanely rich and delicious and is made with only the best 100% arabica beans. You can try flavors like original, toasted caramel, dirty chai, cacao, and Tahitian vanilla. All of these flavors are super rich and delicious, deriving their flavor from being steeped for over 12 hours. You can enjoy the dark roast of the coffee with yummy dark chocolate flavor notes and sip in satisfaction knowing that it is kosher, non-GMO, direct trade, and single origin! Sounds like a good time to me. Bowery coffee believes in the importance of not just quality coffee, but coffee that makes a bold statement. This bold statement being that anyone and everyone should be able to be a part of the wonderful experience of coffee. No one should ever be excluded. Whether you are vegan, have crazy allergies, live a kosher lifestyle, or more, we want you to know that we make this coffee with everyone in mind. Being inclusive is so important. We acknowledge the diversity of the world and want the world to know that their differences are what makes them unique and we accept them wholeheartedly while taking them into account every step of the way when making such coffee products. So, sip on some bowery coffee or explore other great kosher beverages out there and experience what kosher can bring to you. Guarantee you it will put a smile on your face and you will know deep down in your heart that you made the right decision!

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