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During the summer months, your morning or afternoon coffee may seem to make you even hotter. A great option for drinking coffee when it’s warm outside is to prepare iced coffee. The perfect cup of iced coffee cannot be made with your regular coffee maker. Coffee makers that produce hot liquid will quickly melt your ice and cause your coffee or coffee beverage to get watered down. So, put your brewer to rest over the summer and learn to prepare cold brewed coffee without a coffee maker.

The materials needed to cold brew coffee are simple and inexpensive. The most important ingredient, obviously, is your coffee grounds. You can buy specialized grounds that are made to be cold brewed, or you can just get your regular favorite brand. It is best if you try to get coffee grounds that have a coarse grind. Some other items that you will need include two large non-reactive bowls or containers, a strainer, a coffee filter or cheesecloth, plastic wrap, and plenty of water.

Begin making your iced coffee by mixing together your coffee grounds and water in the large bowl or container. The ratio of grounds to water is flexible, but a good place to start is to add ten cups of water for each pound of coffee you are using. Once all the grounds are wet, cover the bowl with plastic wrap or its lid and let the mixture sit for twelve hours or longer. When your grounds are finished steeping, you should first filter the mix through a strainer to remove the larger grounds. Filter the mixture through the strainer and into your clean bowl or container. Place the filtered coffee grounds in the trash, and then repeat the process. For smoother coffee, you will want to place your filter or cheesecloth on the strainer during this second round of filtering.

Once you have prepared your cold brew coffee, you can store the coffee in your refrigerator for several weeks. Use an airtight container to hold your drink to keep it tasting fresh. When you are ready to prepare your cup of Joe, simply add ice to a cup and pour the cold coffee over the ice. You can mix in milk, cream, half-and-half, or any sweetener that you prefer.

Even though brewing this cold brewed beverage takes a significant amount of time, it’s a great option for daily use since you can make a large batch at a time. Once it’s brewed, making iced coffee is quicker and simpler than using your coffee maker each day.

Before we get into the meaty greasy of the article, here is an overview of what this article will be about:

What Is Cold Brew Coffee?

Why Bowery Coffee Is Your Perfect Daily Grind Of Coffee?

How To Grind Bowery Coffee Beans?

  1. Get a small but reliable burr grinder in your kitchen:
  2. Utilize a tried and true coffee maker:

Any specific methods for brewing bowery cold coffee?

#1. Bowery Coffee Toasted Caramel:

#2. Bowery Coffee Cacao:

#3. Bowery Coffee Tahitian Vanilla:

#4. Bowery Coffee Dirty Chai:

#5. Bowery Coffee Company Original:


What Is Cold Brew Coffee?

Cold brew coffee is the new coffee blend that has caught the mainstream and accepted widely. It is not the same as cold ice tea.

The coffee is brewed with room temperature (approx. 25 C). It could also be brewed with cold water for a period of 12-24 hours. The timing and the temperature are largely dependent on the recipe you use in making the cold brewed coffee. It is a bit mellower and tastes better since it is made with cold water. The acidity level of this coffee has been drastically reduced when you compare it to iced coffee.

Once the coffee is steeped, the end result is a coffee with a strong cold brew coffee concentrate and you then proceed to cut it with water. The cutting should be done around 50:50.

There are differences between cold brew coffee and ice coffee. The main difference lies in the production method.

Why Bowery Coffee Is Your Perfect Daily Grind Of Coffee?

Some of us are still old school. I am one of them. I love to go to a coffee shop and order a double shot of espresso on the go. However, I love to brew my daily coffee myself whenever I have the chance to. The feeling that comes with brewing it to fit your taste is otherworldly.

The best coffee to brew and get a cold brew coffee is Bowery coffee. With different varieties of them, learning how to brew each one of them will add more fun to your day and makes the coffee taste better if you know how to brew.

How To Grind Bowery Coffee Beans?

Bowery get their beans directly from Brazilian and Peru farmers. The beans are perfect and will make the best coffee. However, you need to know how to grind the beans in order to make a good cold brew coffee.

Grinding your own coffee beans enables you to savor nature’s own perfectly preserved flavonoids while taking in a cup full of daily antioxidants every time. Here are tips on how to grind your coffee beans.

1. Get a small but reliable burr grinder in your kitchen:

Burr grinders crush the coffee beans the same way they do to fruit press. The grinder does not chop them and produces less smooth coffee in the pot, burr grinders will get the beans crushed satisfactorily to preserve the natural feel of the coffee. There are many burr grinders and it is left for you to choose which one best suits you.

2. Utilize a tried and true coffee maker:

There are fine coffee makers in the market and you can have a pick from one of them. Italian coffee makers are the most efficient though with Bialetti one of them. Get a coffee maker that has been around for decades and has been given several unique reviews.

The benefits of grinding your own coffee are numerous. You will, however, agree with me that you need to make it top quality before you can brew a tasty coffee to make it perfect for you.

How to brew bowery cold coffee.

Cold brewing takes more time because it can only dissolve through certain elements of coffee grounds. About 90% of its flavor elements, as well as its usual caffeine content, would go through with this. Then, about 15% of its acids and oils will follow. Hence, this can change your coffee’s taste but it will only concentrate on the most volatile flavor elements, making superbly flavored coffee.

Although it will be twice the strength, it will still possess lesser acidity and bite. So, for those who are into the “bite & acid” of coffee, cold brewing is not recommended. In preparing cold brew, coffee beans must be hot-brewed first. Here’s a basic procedure of making cold brew.

Ingredients (Good for 2 to 3 glasses):

  • Tall glass or Mason jar w/ lid for brewing
  • Container (bottle, pitcher, small carafe or tall jar w/ lid) for the last brew that will be placed inside the fridge.
  • Second glass for the “steeped” coffee mixture
  • Kitchen Strainer (stainless steel) or cheesecloth


  1. Measure about ¼ up to 1/3 cup of good coffee into your brewing glass.
  2. Proceed to add ½ cup of water (room temperature, filtered or bottled water).
  3. You then stir the mixture. Make sure it is evenly stirred and free from lumps. The lumps might affect the quality of your coffee.
  4. In order to keep your mixture clean, put a lid on top of your container. You can also use the canister type of container.
  5. Allow it to sit for 6 to 12 hours.
  6. After this, place the mixture in the strainer, then, into the 2nd container.
  7. Clean-up your 1st glass and have all the grounds inside rinsed out.
  8. Pour the coffee from the 2nd glass back into the 1st glass, using the cheesecloth or finer mesh. This will remove all the fine grinds, making it pure.
  9. Pour your final mixture into the storage container.
  10. Place this inside the fridge.

Although you cannot be strictly precise in measurements, you will be able to make the perfect tasting coffee if you keep the water to the coffee ratio at 4:1. The mixture can be approximately 2 to 3 times the strength. You can dilute it with equal amounts of water. Then serve with some ice. If your mixture is too strong, just add some water to dilute. Serve with sugar and cream.

Any specific methods for brewing bowery cold coffee?

The above-listed brewing method works with all our different blends of coffee. The only thing that changes is the ingredients. They boast of one of the best cold brew coffee concentrates in the country. Let us have a look at the various types of coffee blends we have in our store.

#1. Bowery Coffee Toasted Caramel:

This can perhaps be regarded as our most popular coffee. The manufacturing process is very simple yet effective. Mixed with caramel syrup with caramelized sugar and vanilla. You cannot go a day without tasting this cold brew coffee once you get a taste of it. Ingredients include Water, Coffee, Caramel, Sugar, and Natural Flavors. It is highly energetic as it gives at least 45 calories per 310ml. it is also very low in fat with absolutely no protein. The sugar level is very low, making it risk-free for hypoglycemic patients.

#2. Bowery Coffee Cacao:

By far the best in nutrition and health advantages. Taking bowery coffee cacao has affected people in several ways. It has been discovered the level of anxiety in people, decrease their error rate due to a false alarm and several other nutritional advantages.

Ingredients of this cold brew coffee include Water, Coffee, Sugar, Cocoa Powder with Alkali, Natural Flavors. For those who love coffee but want to reduce their level of calories intake, this is the perfect coffee for you. It has 30 calories per 310 ml. It cannot be considered as a good source of vitamin C nor Vitamin A as this nutrient are only found in trace amounts.

#3. Bowery Coffee Tahitian Vanilla:

Everything that is right with coffee began with vanilla. The Tahitian vanilla is considered to be the best vanilla in the world. The small Island are renowned for growing this sweetener. Customers have described this coffee as an aromatic perfection. Our Tahitian Vanilla Bowery Cold Brew Coffee features our carefully balanced cold brew coffee accented with the essences of real Tahitian and Madagascar vanilla beans. Sweetened with just a touch of cane sugar, this is one crave able drink.

Ingredients of this aromatic cold brew coffee include Water, Coffee, Sugar, and Natural Flavors. For those who love coffee but want to reduce their level of calories intake, this is the perfect coffee for you. It has 30 calories per 310 ml. It cannot be considered as a good source of vitamin C nor Vitamin A as this nutrient are only found in trace amounts.

#4. Bowery Coffee Dirty Chai:

This is a coffee that can be described as the best of both worlds. It is a perfect combination of coffee and tea. This coffee is made by mixing a double shot espresso with Indian chai tea. The chai tea has been proven to be medicinal. The most amazing part though is that once you are a disciple of this coffee, there is no turning back. You will never get tired of the taste that this cold brew coffee leaves on your tongue and you will crave for only that taste. It might be an addiction, but it is a great one.

Ingredients of this coffee include ginger, cinnamon, nutmeg, water, coffee, sugar and some natural flavors. It has 35 calories, perfect for those who want to watch their weight. The sugar levels are low and thus do not cause any hypoglycemic or diabetic issues. It has absolutely no fat and protein with low traces of sodium and potassium found inside.

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