Bowery Coffee and Social Affairs

Coffee has been around for ages upon ages upon ages. People all over the world from as far back as the 11th century to now have used coffee for a myriad of reasons. Many used coffee beans and plants for the fact that they believed it to have medicinal properties. As times progressed, coffees reached other parts of the world and were used as a way to bring many together for entertainment and fun. Coffee gained headlines back in the 15th century as a way to drink, indulge, and have fun, paving its way out of homes and into coffee shops where live shows and social activity was bustling. It was a way for people to enjoy the aromatic scents and bliss these coffee beans brought while enjoying a good laugh with friends. It’s no doubt that coffee and social drinking has been a part of history for centuries and continues to be a united pair even in the modern world. From the coffee houses of America to the coffee houses of Italy and more, coffee has most definitely become the unit that has brought many together for good, hearty conversations and quality time with loved ones. Here’s a look at just how this delicious beverage has seemed to make its appearance into the daily social affairs of the modern world.


Coffee first made its existence known around the 11th century in Ethiopia. It is said by many that a goat herder by the name of Kaldi took refuge by a tree and used the berries of the tree to feed his goats. He didn’t seem to understand the newfound energy that took place in his goats as they would stay up all night, running about. He reported his discovery to a monastery that made a drink out of the berries and noticed newfound alertness and energy from them as well. It wasn’t long before the news of these magical berries made its way across the world reaching the Arabian peninsula. By the 15th century, Yemen began producing their own coffee beans and soon by the 16th century, many Middle Eastern countries such as Turkey, Syria, and Egypt were developing a reputation for the production and use of these coffee beans. Coffee was a way for people to indulge and enjoy. Soon people from all over the place came to coffee houses to indulge and socialize. They would play chess, watch shows, talk, and exchange information about the world. Soon enough coffee houses gained the name of “School of the Wise” where people could come to learn and exchange news with each other. This introduced a whole new type of socializing for people to partake in, and it wasn’t long before other countries around the world did the same exact thing. Travelers of Europe would come back from the East with stories about these coffee houses and those mysterious black beverages that everyone drank. By the 17th century, coffee and socialization become of equal popularity in Europe. England even set up what they called “penny universities” where people could pay a penny for some good coffee and stimulating conversations. Coffee was soon brought to New York by the 1600’s and soon enough America partook in the production and construction of coffee and coffee houses. It’s no secret that the social aspect of coffee drinking that we experience in modern society is merely a mimic of what people have been doing for centuries upon centuries. It is something that we have historically been doing for an incredible amount of time so it’s only natural that coffee and socializing are merely what is natural and normal for us to participate. We see this every day and here are some examples of that!

Coffee and Studying Together

Have you always thought about why coffee and studying go hand in hand? Coffee exists wherever energy and brain power is needed. That’s why we see coffee shops frequent our university campuses and exist in our libraries and bookstores. Universities, libraries, and bookstores all require knowledge and brain power. You need energy to power through your studying and be alert when it comes to what you are doing. In universities and even high school, you see that studying in coffee shops more than often incorporate a group of people rather than one individual. Why is that? Because studies show that the most efficient studying takes place when groups are exchanging their own knowledge and feedback on subjects and topics. What better way to do that than at a coffee shop where people have been coming together for generations to exchange their information and learn from each other? It seems that coffee and social affairs go well together because that’s how it has always been. It’s what we have seen as little kids and what we have seen as we grown up and it’s natural for us to gravitate to something that we observe everyone else doing. Coffee and socialization are a part of our history and we are only doing what is natural by continuing that history. Hence why in modern society coffee exists in accordance with studying and study groups. It brings us caffeine and enough energy to partake in stimulating conversations while being alert enough to fully reflect on what we hear and learn.

Coffee and Working Together

The power of coffee and collaborative working is very similar to the power of coffee and studying together. The setting probably just switches from a coffee shop to an office. In an office and work environment, lots of ideas and collaboration flow around. Conversation, collaboration, and communication are very vital in a workforce. An office needs alert people to work together to problem solve and come up with good, innovative ideas to carry out. Once again this is where coffee comes into play. It’s pretty normal for workers in an office to have their own coffee on their desk while they are crunching numbers or writing reports. When you come together collaboratively, that doesn’t change. Good energy and aware bodies/minds are needed to fully understand what your coworkers are trying to say and to participate in problem solving etc. Drinking coffee together in an office is very common because most likely everyone in that office has busy lives and sleep is often a luxury they don’t get a lot of. Coffee helps to stimulate individuals and stimulated individuals produce stimulated conversations and effective production. Once again we see here in this setting that the old historic routine of coffee and exchange of information is taking its place like it did back in the days of “penny universities” and the “School of the Wise.” In other words we are once again witnessing an event of socialization and coffee in one setting.

Coffee and Leisure Activities

Let’s face it. Drinking coffee to prepare us for school or work has been so engrained into our routines that we now not only see coffee as something we reach to receive energy, but also now something we reach for when we crave socialization. It seems that coffee has become a way to socialize in our free time and not just a chance at an energy boost. Coffee is something we reach for because it is delicious and it is something to do while we are socializing. I mean talking is fun, but talking and drinking something delicious is ten times more fun isn’t it? Coffee opens the gate way to indulge in pure sweet bliss while getting the time to catch up with friends and family. We are so accustomed to drinking coffee for the purpose of socialization in the school and work environment to the point that we often now feel like leisure socialization, is not complete with our cup of coffee. The versatility of coffee and the many ways it can be served to us make it even more fun. I mean for days when it’s incredibly cold and rainy, we crave something of warmth to keep us warm and cozy while catching up with friends. Why not reach for the cup of coffee to do the trick? And on days where it is blistering hot and we need something cold to cool us down, why not reach for a nice, refreshing iced coffee to do the trick? It seems the adaptability and versatility of coffee makes it the perfect item to have anytime you want to socialize and enjoy yourself. It is so common to see many coffee shops absolutely littered on the weekend with people bustling back and forth in upbeat conversation and coffee cups on their hands. Check out instagram or snapchat and I guarantee you will see at least one coffee cup frequent those social media apps. It’s once again history and tradition playing out. Coffee’s existence in our social lives and affairs has been a regular occurrence for so long that we are completely used to it. In fact, we are so used to it that energetic days of fun and leisure seem almost incomplete without a nice cup of coffee. These examples are just a few to give you the idea of just how normal it is for the world to associate coffee with social affairs and why we tend to do so.

Social Coffee Drinking Around the World

Don’t be mistaken at all! Coffee and social drinking is not just for Americans. The activity of consuming coffee and chatting up are normal and common routines for many countries and people around the world. Check out these quick, short fun facts to see just how common they are!

Coffee Consumption Worldwide

According to statisticians about 2.25 billion cups of coffee are consumed daily worldwide!

Coffee Popularity

Coffee is the most popular drink worldwide, with a staggering 400 billion cups consumed per year worldwide!

How Italians Do it!

Italians are no stranger to coffee and they make sure to incorporate this drink into their everyday routine. A typical Italian diet begins with a morning coffee and pastry with a cappuccino, caffe latte, or latte macchiato. After marching on through their mornings, Italians tend to reach for another cup of coffee as an afternoon energy shot or for a little something to hold their meal down. Espresso is usually enjoyed after dinner. It is usually consumed on one’s own time and not with meals. In Italy it is actually very common for people to frequent bars in search for coffee such as espressos as well as good laughs.

Coffee Vending Machines in Japan

Head on over to Japan and you will see that they actually really enjoy drinking their coffee iced and in cans! Coffee vending machines are very popular in Japan and it seems they become even more popular when they sell iced coffee in a convenient can. Japanese coffee vending machines are filled to the brim with a myriad of coffee brands ranging from all different types and flavors from double shots to vanilla to very milky iced lattes.

Top 5 Coffee Consuming Nations

The top 5 nations known for the most coffee consumption are USA, Russia, Italy, Japan, and France. The USA is the top leading nation of all nations in the world, that consume and produce coffee (quite crazy considering coffee wasn’t even a thing in America until the 1600’s).
Coffee is what!?

Coffee is actually the 2nd most consumed beverage in the entire world after water! (Yes you read that right. The world goes crazy over coffee, almost to the extent of water!)

There is no shadow of doubt that coffee is a craze that has taken the entire world by storm! It’s everywhere you go and has become a way to bring and unite people together. Coffee is surely an amazing beverage to behold for it has the power to bring smiles to faces, wake up bodies and minds, and keep the communication and social life between people as strong and as connected as ever. Who knew that small little coffee beans could be able to do that?

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