Brewing the Perfect Cup of Coffee

If you are a coffee drinker like me then you surely understand that a cup of coffee is an important aspect of your day to day life. Whether you are running errands, staying at home, or having a productive day at school or work, coffee is that one drink that is on your mind the moment you wake up. I know for me, this is the case. I especially loved going to my favorite coffee shop to pick up my own coffee. It was the highlight of my day and I couldn’t deal without it! Yet, over time I realized that going almost every morning to pick up a nice and well-rounded cup of coffee put quite a dent in my wallet. I was throwing out about $4-5 a day for a delicious, cup of coffee and while I think it is completely worth it, I did realize that I was spending a bit beyond my limit. This then posed the question of what to do. I could never give up my precious coffee, but I also needed a way to save up on my money so that I could buy other necessities as well. This then brought in the concept of me actually working to make myself my own cup of coffee in the morning. This way I could buy the ingredients once a month and really save on a lot of money. It appeared daunting at first, but over time I realized that brewing your own cup of coffee in the morning was just as satisfying as having the barista hand it to you. Maybe even more. If you are in the same boat as me where you can appreciate a good cup of coffee, but are unsure whether you can actually replicate one for yourself at home! Don’t fret! This article will give you some serious tips and advice on how to brew the perfect cup of coffee at home, making you the ultimate barista!

The Methods to Choose From
One of the most exciting things about making coffee at home is probably all the options you have to truly personalize your coffee and make it incredibly unique to your own tastes. There are three methods of coffee brewing that you can consider when making that perfect cup of joe right in the comfort of your own home. These three methods are known as the drip, the pour-over method, and lastly but certainly not least the French press method. There really is no method that outshines another, it is all based on your personal preference! Nonetheless, whichever coffee method you decide to choose you will definitely need to have a good bag of coffee beans. Do your research and seek out a coffee brand that you think you will enjoy the most. I would recommend buying coffee beans that have already been ground up so that the coffee making process is a lot easier for you. It is recommended that when making an 8-ounce cup of coffee (which is typically the standard amount of coffee) that you weigh out about 15 grams of ground coffee.

The Pour-Over Method (















If you feel as if the pour-over method may be one for you then you should definitely give it a try. The pour-over method is surely one that will not disappoint you. It will offer the most aromatic cup of coffee that is both delicious and complex!
1. The first thing you want to do with this method of coffee making is bring water to a boil in a kettle or water boiler (or however you prefer to boil your water!).
2. If you don’t have ground beans to work with then that is okay, just grind up your coffee beans to uniform consistency that is similar looking to table salt.
3. Grab a coffee filter and put the filter over the pour over brewer (these are easy and affordable to buy online!). Be sure to rinse the filter up with hot water so that any papery residue that may be sitting atop the filter will go away and it also helps to warm up the brewer, keeping your coffee hot for a much longer time! Be sure to discard the water away after rinsing it.
4. The proceed to add your grounds of coffee to the filter, but be sure that the the surface is level so that you can be exact! After removing the water from its heat source, slowly and steadily begin pouring the water just enough so that the coffee grounds really have that time to saturate with the water. Start from the middle of the filter, working your way outward and stop immediately once you notice the actual coffee beginning to drip through. This is known as a bloom pour!
5. Proceed to slowly pour in any remaining water that you wish to add in. Be sure to keep the water in the dripper between half and three quarters full. This process will take about 3-4 minutes. Carefully proceed to remove the filter and voila! Beautiful coffee ready for you to enjoy!

The French Press Method (















The French press method is another fun coffee method that you can try out in order to brew that perfect cup of joe that is just right for you! This method involves a cylindrical pot that has a plunger and built-in filter screen. It brews a delicious pot of coffee by pressing hot water through ground coffee creating a delicious earthy and exotic flavor. The tip for a French press coffee is that you choose medium coffee grinds that have a very good uniformity and consistency. Grinds that are too course will end up clogging the filter making for a disastrous coffee making experience while grinds that are way too find will end up passing through the filter easily, resulting in lumpy and grainy coffee (yuck!). So be very, very picky with your coffee grinds if you choose this method of coffee brewing. Once you do, you will be beyond satisfied with the results!

1. We first begin the journey of French press coffee making by placing your French press coffee pot on a dry, flat leveled surface. Hold on to the handle of the French press firmly and proceed to pull out the plunger.
2. Throw in a nice, heaping tablespoon (that is about 7-8 grams) of coffee grinds for every 6.7 ounce of water.
3. Then pour in hot water. The key to this method that differs from the previous method mentioned above is that you do not pour in boiling water. To brew the perfect cup of coffee the pour-over method requires boiling water whereas the French press method works the best when the water is hot, but has not quite boiled yet. Pour this water into the pot and gently stir it.
4. Carefully take the plunger and reinsert it, but do not insert it fully or quickly into the pot. You want to stop right where the coffee and water is sitting and allow them to sit together and saturate for about 3-4 minutes.
5. Then proceed to push the plunger down in a slow and patient manner. Exert some steady pressure as you are doing this. Once you have plunged the plunger all the way down, your delicious homemade coffee is ready to enjoy! Super easy!

The Drip Method















The third method of coffee making that you can test out as well involves making coffee with a drip! The drip coffee brewing method is basically coffee brewing that involves pouring hot water over roasted, ground coffee beans that are in an enclosed filter. The pour-over method that we actually talked about previously can also be considered a drip method as well. This method is a drip coffee method that incorporates the use of a drip coffee machine rather than a filter and pot. Investing in a good drip coffee machine can be a great alternative to the pour-over method if you tend to make coffee for a lot of people. Many people still tend to turn to the pour-over method as opposed to this method because it is easier and there are less chances in messing it up. Yet if you love making coffee in big batches then the pour-over method will have you in the kitchen for hours. The drip coffee machine method is really great too, it all just depends on the type of drip coffee machine you want to buy. Don’t buy the cheapest machine out there, but there is also no need to get crazy expensive. Do really good research and read extensive reviews on different types of drip coffee machines so that you know you are putting your money on one that is really good! Once you do that though, then this method is just as great as the pour-over and French press methods!

1. The first thing you want to do is grind up your coffee beans (if they aren’t already ground) to a size that is about medium-fine.
2. Proceed to place the coffee filter in a filter basket. All automatic drip coffee machines will have a place where you can place the filter. It normally is located right under the brew head where the water comes out.
3. Add in about one tablespoon of coffee to your paper filter. Keep in mind that this one tablespoon of coffee is for about 6 ounces of water. So, if you are making more than 6 ounces, be careful with your measurements as being more careful will yield the best coffee results. If you really want your coffee to stand out and be richer and more full-bodied then I recommend purchasing a permanent coffee filter.
4. Add in cold, filtered water! No boiling water, no water that is hot but not boiling hot, you need cold water for this particular method. It works the best. Pour your cold, filtered water into the reservoir.
5. Press the start button on your coffee drip machine and the machine will start making liquid magic for you to enjoy!

How to Jazz Up Your Homemade Coffee

Steamed Milk
There is a myriad of ways that you can jazz up your freshly brewed coffee! One of the most popular ways to jazz up coffee is adding steamed milk. Steamed milk is very delicious and offers a frothy consistency that goes well with the silkiness and aromatic richness of your cup of coffee. They balance so well that guaranteed every time you make a cup of coffee you will want to add in some steamed milk! It is the perfect and easiest way to decorate your plain, black coffee! Steaming milk at home is a pretty valuable skill to learn and add to your basic coffee making knowledge. Simply buy a steamer (some coffee machines already have a steamer that come with them so when buying a machine and knowing that steamed milk may be a possible option for you, it is best to look for coffee machines that have built-in steamers with them!). It is very ideal that when purchasing your steamer, you find a steamer that has the capability of producing somewhere around 1-1.5 bars of steam pressure. If your steamer wand has more than one hole at the bottom then even better! This will greatly help in allowing for more controlled turbulence of the milk in your pitcher which thus creates steamed milk that is nice and bubbly in texture. Search up various techniques that you can utilize to make the perfect cup of steamed milk. Hey even get creative and start making your own latte art!

Throw in Some Sweeteners
Jazz up your coffee with a little hint of sweeteners. There are so many sweeteners and creamers that you can try out there that will greatly improve your cup of coffee in the morning. Go for a steaming cup of coffee with a hint of vanilla, hazelnut, pumpkin, caramel, mocha, white chocolate, coconut, creme Brule, and more! Whatever your taste preference is, there is sure to be a creamer that will pair so deliciously well with your coffee!

Get Creamy with It
Throw in some delicious options that will make that cup of joe very creamy if that is what you prefer! Choose options such as milk, coconut milk, almond milk, heavy whipping cream, half and half, whipped cream, and more!















Now that you have been imparted with the wisdom of how to make a perfect brew of coffee at home, it is time for you to get started. Do your research, brew, and most importantly have fun!

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