Coffee: Helps Us to Lose Weight

Losing weight can prove to be a difficult feat. It isn’t supposed to be easy. Why? Because it is a complete rearrangement of a lifestyle or habit that somebody has fallen comfortable or routine to. Trying to lose weight is trying to change how you eat, what you eat, where you shop, what you choose, how you decide to stay active and more. It changes the routine you have set for yourself and although many understand that this routine is detrimental to their health, often find it is hard to let go because sometimes bringing change to life isn’t always easy. It requires breaking a comfort zone and going towards different choices that people dislike or often have never tried, and for some people that can be a serious source of anxiety. Thankfully though, I know that there are some things in your routine that won’t have to change. For instance, your beloved coffee that makes you happy and working on those hectic days. Life is rough sometimes and sometimes changes need to happen, but if you are looking to lose weight, you can actually turn to your coffee consumption as a constant, comfortable routine that you do not need to give up during your battle to shed some pounds. Confused? Don’t worry this article will aim to clear that confusion right up.

Coffee’s Connection to the Metabolism

Coffee and specifically caffeine have been studied at large by many to truly understand the connection between caffeine and metabolism. Of course, we all know that metabolism is linked to body weight. Those who have high metabolisms mean that their body converts food into energy at a quicker rate and this is linked to being able to eat more without gaining weight while those with low or slow metabolisms mean that their body converts food to energy at a much slower rate, meaning that they can eat less, but gain more weight. There have been studies that show that coffee can actually help mobilize fats from the body’s fat tissues and from there increase the body’s metabolism. Coffee contains caffeine which is a central nervous stimulant. Caffeine helps to mobilize fat from fat tissues by first stimulating the central nervous system into sending direct signals to fat cells. The signals tell the fat cells to break down fat. In addition, caffeine increases our blood levels with a hormone known as epinephrine or adrenaline. The adrenaline then travels through the blood stream sending signals to fat tissues that they need to break down fat and release those fats into the blood. The fats then become free fatty acids within the blood that float freely for use. More studies have shown a link between coffee and an increase in the metabolic rate by about 3-11% with large doses providing an even higher percentage. This is important because the metabolic rate is known as the rate at which our body burns calories while we are at rest. The higher your metabolic rate is, the easier it is for you to lose weight, while the lower it is the easier it is for you to gain weight. In addition, coffee also has what is known as thermogenesis which actually helps to heat up the body and boost metabolism; however, it is true though that as one drinks caffeine more often, body becomes more is tolerant to its effects. Over time the effects of coffee on your metabolism will start to stop eventually, but this also leads to another thing that is still helpful in losing weight, and that is reducing your appetite.

Reduction of Appetite

Coffee also has the power to reduce your appetite which can aid you in your journey to losing weight. There has been links and reports to a suppression of appetite after having a cup of coffee. This suppression of appetite is by no means enough to make you feel full, but it definitely is enough to make you feel as if you want to eat less food then you would normally if you drank no coffee. Also, when you think about it coffee is really just ground up coffee beans mixed with water. Therefore, feeling full may also be attributed to the fact that you filled yourself up on water which is actually known to make you feel fuller and less hungry. If you like your coffee with some milk such as soy milk, then this may also aid in your suppressed appetite since soy milk has protein and protein is known to keep you feeling fuller for longer. Studies on the relationship between coffee and appetite have also shown that decaffeinated coffee has the most profound effect on appetite and can keep you feeling a lot less hungry then normal coffee. This is due to the fact that decaffeinated coffee has an increased amount of peptide which makes you feel less hungry. In addition, coffee may make you feel less hungry because it modifies the hormone that makes you feel satisfied leaving you with no desire to really eat, binge, or overeat.

It Lowers Your Stress Levels

Stress is something that everybody hates. No one likes the feeling of being stressed or overwhelmed. It makes you feel anxious, upset, or depressed and it makes you extremely susceptible to overeating as a way to seek comfort or solace. Many people turn to food as a comfort for their problems when they are stressed. Its natural since food triggers the release of hormones that make you feel happy. Yet it is only temporarily and it won’t be long until you are stressed again and looking to eat more for temporary satisfaction. This could all be stopped with a cup of joe. By drinking coffee, the caffeine can actually stimulate happy hormones like food can, but if consumed correctly won’t harm your chances of losing weight like food can. By drinking some caffeine, you can eliminate your stress and feel more motivated to tackle the day, all while feeling relaxed and satisfied. Meaning there is no need to reach for food as your comfort. In addition, stress can make you feel extremely unmotivated and lazy. By eliminating stress out of your life through some caffeine you can find the motivation and energy to get up and stay healthy and energetic. Perfect behavior that you need to have to lose weight.

How to Drink Coffee the Right Way

Many people will fervently and passionately argue for the idea that coffee is so bad for you and is no way good for your health. They put on the claims of how many coffee companies use so much sugar, cream, artificial sweeteners, and other unhealthy ingredients to make their coffee more appealing, and while this may be true, the fact is that coffee itself, untouched by those fancy decorations, honestly is not bad for you and can benefit you greatly. If you are looking to shed some pounds or lose a little bit of weight then black coffee can help you. Black coffee does all that has been talked about above and it is unharmed by the fancy sugar and milky creamers that people put in it. Yes, coffee can be bad for you in terms of calories and sugar, but that is really only if you are ordering extremely sweet coffees like a caramel macchiato or a mocha Frappuccino. If you are looking to try and consume that and think you will lose weight than you are very mistaken. Those types of drinks consumed regularly offer high amounts of sugar and calories, and this puts your desire to lose weight in jeopardy. To put it in perspective, the World Health Organization suggests that adults should never try to consume beyond 25 grams of sugar a day. A typical Grande Starbucks Frappuccino puts you at about 66 grams of sugar. At that rate you can kiss your chances of getting your dream body goodbye. If you absolutely find the taste of black coffee horrendous (not a problem it is quite an intense taste to deal with) then there are other healthier alternatives you can turn to instead to decorate your caffeine fix at a less riskier price on your health. Here are some tips to think about when trying to incorporate a healthy coffee caffeine fix into your lifestyle while trying to lose those stubborn pounds.

Avoid those Refined or Artificial Sweeteners

In all try your very best to be extremely minimal with the sugar. You don’t want your sugar craving to mask your caffeine fix that you have allowed for yourself while on this journey to losing weight. You will put yourself so far back if you try to do this. If you absolutely need sugar then try a very minimal amount of brown sugar, maple syrup, or honey, but as stated before the key here is to be very minimal or simple. That way you can get your caffeine without harming your health and potency to lose and keep off weight in the long run.

Skip the Artificial Creamers

Those bad boys are so good and taste so sweet but are the absolute worst if you are trying to improve yourself. This one is a hard one and I have to admit it because as a coffee drinker myself, I find my coffee not satisfactory at all unless I have some type of creamer in them to deck it up and make it sweet. Sometimes though you need to make necessary changes for the benefit of creating a better you. The artificial creamers are loaded with bad ingredients like corn syrup solids and hydrogenated oils (a big no no). If you need cream in your coffee you do not need to do away with it completely. Incorporate some natural or organic cream that is grass-fed. Cream like this is not hard to be found and can be normally found in all major grocery stores. Creams like this are also good for you because they have high traces of vitamin K2 which is active in lowering the risk of cancer, heart disease and yes, I said it- it can actually help you in losing weight!

Add in Some Grass-Fed Butter or Coconut Oil

These ingredients are so great for you and make your coffee taste excellent. Adding grass-fed butter to your coffee allows for a good brain booster to start your day. Grass-fed butter is known to be one of the healthiest fats to exist as it contains saturated fats that can help with the heart, lung, liver, bone, immune system, and signal satiety. That is so important because by the body signaling satiety you can feel full quicker and eat less, helping you to lose weight. If you continue drinking coffee it can also help you in maintaining your weight at the same time. Coconut oil works very similar as well. Coconut oil is loaded with MCTs or what is known as medium chain triglycerides. Multiple studies have been done on the power of MCTs and the results have shown that they are actually extremely helpful in improving weight loss. Another great bonus! If you are interested to know more about this coffee, the coffee actually is called bulletproof coffee and it is taken the world by storm!

Through the cool facts you have learned about coffee and the tips and tricks I gave you on how to make your coffee healthy enough for your lifestyle changes, hopefully now you are filled with the wisdom and positive motivation to actively seek a change in your lifestyle to improve yourself and be the person you have always wanted to be. When everything you are known to be familiar with changes, let your coffee be the one thing that stays constant keeping you happy and motivated to plunge on with the new changes you make for yourself until one day over time they become a new routine or comfort for you, making you healthier and happier than before. Grab your cup of coffee and start today!

Regions: Where Some of the World’s Best Coffee Beans are Produced

People all over the world cannot get enough of coffee. That is no secret it all. Coffee has taken the world by storm ever since the first coffee bean was discovered in the 9th century in Ethiopia. Over time this little bean became a hit all over the continent of Africa, spreading into the Middle East and soon gaining momentum with Europeans who traveled through these places and were able to get a sip of this delectable drink. Since then coffee shops have been booming everywhere around the world with popular places like Starbucks, Costa, Peet’s Coffee, Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf, and other shops being posted in cute pictures all over social media. Coffee is popular and the mere internet and social media is proof of that. It’s not a secret as to why coffee is so well liked among many. It has a sweet, aromatic, smell to it. Characterized with an acidic yet smooth and rich flavor and multiplied with the addition of sweet creamers and syrups for those who have a sweet tooth. Coffee beans when ground produce extremely addictive smells that are earthy, strong, yet extremely aromatic and comforting whenever you smell it. Coffee beans are potent little things. They have the power to make the whole world go crazy, seeking for the best coffee beans and they bring about such potent smells that have everyone lining up, and craving one. They also pack a serious caffeine punch as a stimulant and give a good amount of energy to people who are sluggish or slow on those really busy days. The question that rings out though for most people is where to buy and possess the best quality of coffee beans that exist? For everyone knows that the quality of the coffee beans is what makes the quality of the coffee. Not so great coffee beans yield a disappointing cup of Joe that is not worthy enjoying and when days get real rough you want to avoid that at all costs. So, without further ado I give you some of the best coffee beans that are notably produced around the world. Take these coffee bean regions into consideration when making your next smart purchase on homemade coffee for you and your family!

Best Countries for Production of Coffee Beans

It appears that on they also had similar questions about where is the best place to spend your money when it comes to coffee beans. They hauled in many coffee industry experts from around the world to give their expert advice and ideas on the countries that produce the best tasting coffee beans globally. Here is what the results yielded!


It appears that Ethiopia had the highest picks of all other coffee producing countries in terms of where the best coffee beans are produced. It kind of makes sense though when you think about it considering the first ever coffee bean discovered in the 9th century was in Ethiopia. Ethiopia hit about 221,000 tons of coffee beans that they produced in the year 2017. What sets Ethiopia apart from all other coffee producing areas around the world can be attributed to the fact that not only is it the birthplace of coffee but it also is a way of life for the Ethiopian population. Many coffees producing regions produced coffee beans as a cash crop through colonization. Ethiopia is not like that and in that sense the care and passion put into the growing the coffee beans the right way that it is insurmountable when compared to all other coffee bean regions. Everything in Ethiopia is intertwined with coffee production and through that there is ardent care and carefulness put in the coffee beans when produced. Add that to the fact that Ethiopian coffee beans have genetically 99% more material than other coffee beans, there is no doubt about it that Ethiopia is number one for coffee lovers. They are known to have an extreme variety of coffee beans that produce a wide array of flavors. Their coffee beans can come in a natural state or a washed state. The dry state of the coffee beans is characterized by cherry being dried around the coffee bean whereas the washed state of the coffee beans produced are washed and the fruit gets stripped off within 12 hours. These two different methods yield different flavors for the coffee beans. The natural coffee bean has a fruitier and wine-like flavor while the washed coffee bean has a more light and floral flavor. Think of Ethiopian coffee beans as the original or the mother of coffee beans and all other coffee producing regions are a copy. A copy that is very exceptional tasting but never quite imitates the original with its fruity and sweet notes and an earthy, floral aroma. If you are looking for the best of the best then look no further. Ethiopian coffee beans are true coffee and all that it has to offer.


Kenya was chosen as the next best coffee bean producing country in the world by the coffee industry experts. The experts who chose Kenya as the best region stated that of the many coffee cups they had that were the most exquisite, majority of the coffee beans hailed from either Ethiopia or Kenya. One distinctive aspect of how the Kenyan coffee beans are produced is the fact that they are actually grown majority of the time in the shade, which is different from other types of coffee beans. Most state that when tasting Kenyan coffee, they report a sort of berry and currant taste that is sweet and mixed with acidic and smooth texture of the coffee. The flavors mix well together in a way that is very memorable. They produce arabica coffee beans like Ethiopia does. Their coffee bean body is known to be very rich and heavy with a bright acidity flavor. Their most prominent flavor as stated before carries a sort of berry or lemongrass flavor that makes the coffee beans taste less bitter and more smooth and sweet, although sometimes people say they taste an almost tomato like flavor in the acidity aspect of the coffee beans. Extremely unique but wonderful tasting. Some people have compared the taste to having a certain characteristic that is similar to a wine aftertaste.


Colombia was listed as another one of the best countries for coffee bean production according to many coffee lovers and experts. One unique aspect of the Colombian coffee region, is that it experiences two harvest seasons instead of one harvest season. This allows for more delicious coffee beans to be produced year-round for the rest of the world enjoy. Upon drinking Colombian coffee beans, many report that they experience a rich fruity flavor that is similar to fresh fruits. Of course, the region produces an array of different coffee beans that result in many different flavors, but for the most part, a lot of people report that they always notice a fruity characteristic in their coffee beans that produce a ripe and distinctive flavor that sets this coffee apart from others. Their coffee beans have also been noted to carry a caramel or nutty undertone with a more mellow acidity than typical coffee beans, making them more medium-bodied and less bitter.


Guatemala is known as a popular hit between many coffee industry experts as well. Many experts included Guatemala in their list of top 3 coffee bean regions, stating that the Guatemalan coffee beans have a really sweet, balanced, and full-flavored coffee taste. Guatemala is unique in the sense that they have a volcanic soil that actually nourishes their crops. This volcanic soil alters the taste of the coffee beans providing a primarily extremely strong acidity taste with a taste reminiscent of rich chocolate. Some coffee experts state they enjoy how the coffee beans sort of provide a smoky taste. The Guatemalan highlands have a jungle type environment with shade that provides very good growing conditions for a bright coffee full of smoky, floral, and fruity flavors. If the coffee beans come from around Lake Attilan area than the coffee beans there produce a more cinnamon and chocolate flavor for those who enjoy a more rich and sweet coffee. The Antigua region of Guatemala is known to have really high-quality coffee beans. The soils for the coffee are known to be optimal for the coffee beans, providing the coffee bean with a full and velvety body.

Best Regions in Each Country

that I have narrowed down the list of the best coffee producing countries, I will now narrow it down to the best coffee producing regions within each country if you wish to be even more specific when making choices about the right coffee beans to enjoy. These regions have been picked by coffee experts and connoisseurs who have explored the coffee beans of each region to truly see if the coffee beans live up to the ultimate high standard for coffee.

Ethiopia’s Coffee Bean Regions
The best regions in Ethiopia for coffee bean production actually happen to also be the only three coffee bean regions in the country, but what else is expected when the country far succeeds any other in the best coffee beans? The country is home to the Harrar, Ghimbi, and Sidamo (Yirgarcheffee) regions. The Harrar region is home to many small farms that produce coffee beans known to have an intense but wonderful strong and dry edge flavor coupled with a wine -like and fruity acidity. The best Harrar coffees possess a strong blackberry or blueberry flavor and it is often used in espresso blends to produce intense aromas. The Ghimbi region in western Ethiopia is home to the washed method of coffee beans meaning its coffee beans produce a delectable, heavy and longer lasting body, that is very balanced in flavors. The last region (but certainly not the least) is the Sidamo or Yirgarcheffee region in the south, where the coffee beans are less intense in acidity and flavor, but very aromatic and fruity. No matter what coffee bean region you choose, if it is from Ethiopia it is sure to be good!

Kenya’s Coffee Bean Regions
The best region in Kenya for coffee would have to be the region Mt. Kenya. Mt. Kenya is known to be the region that produces the most of Kenya’s coffee beans. The region boasts equatorial sunlight with a moderate climate. Since the region is in elevation this allows the coffee bean to grow slowly allowing for ample time for the flavor of the coffee beans to develop. It also allows for more nutrients to be in the coffee bean, providing a lot of good benefits for those who decide to drink it!

Colombia’s Coffee Bean Regions
The best regions for coffee beans in Colombia boil down to the central and eastern regions of the country. The country has the Medillin coffee bean region in the central part of Colombia. Its popularity comes about due to its heavy body, rich flavor, and balanced acidity. The flavors of Medillin are starkly different from the Bogota region in the east which has a less acidic factor, yet retains a similar richness.

Guatemala’s Coffee Bean Regions
The best coffee bean regions in Guatemala would most likely have to be attributed to the Antigua region and the Atitlan region. The Atitlan is susceptible to high volcanic ash, ideal for soil along with humidity hovering in the area. The soil and weather allow for coffee beans that are pronounced in acidity and body, yet very crisp. The Antigua coffee region of Guatemala is known as one of the top regions for high quality coffee. The soil is known to be optimal for coffee bean growth with wet and dry seasons that allow for a uniform in maturation. The result introduces types of coffee beans that have a balanced acidity, a velvety body, and a rich aroma to it.

Here you are! I presented to you the best coffee bean producing countries and regions for all of your coffee experts, lovers, connoisseurs, or even coffee beginners. The coffee beans from these regions have been tried and tested by many experts and are guaranteed to be of the best and highest quality, that will ensure an enhanced coffee drinking experience that you can enjoy every morning. Try it out and make them the best start to your mornings that you have ever had!

How to Clean a Coffee Maker with Vinegar

No matter what the general population of America is doing, you can bet that a very good majority of the American population is selling, buying, making, and consuming a good amount of coffee daily. Coffee is a normal and natural part of the American routine, almost so normal and routine that it is similar to brushing our teeth. Its no wonder that with the love we have for coffee that over time our money and pockets would get smaller with the amount of cash we are dishing out daily at coffee shops to get our much needed caffeine in. That is why with the advent and popularity of coffee, comes the advent of numerous amount of fancy coffee machines that we can purchase to make our own perfect cup of joe right in the comfort of our home. These machines decorate the kitchens of almost every American household and has become a staple household appliance. Of course with the many benefits that buying a coffee maker provides for you such as ease, less money, and the ability to personalize your coffee to your own tastes, also comes some cons such as time and this would be most directly correlated to the time you spend cleaning these coffee makers after using them over and over again. Unclean and dirty coffee makers, can over time affect the flavor and tastes of your coffee and can make your coffee taste horrible no matter how expensive and amazing your coffee beans are. Of course though with the constant consumption of coffee also comes the constant need to clean this appliance and that can sometimes be frustrating for the very busy average American. Don´t fret. This article aims to introduce a very cool and effective way of cleaning your coffee maker in a way that gets the job done the right way and is extremely easy to utilize.
Method: Cleaning Your Coffee Maker with Vinegar

This method is probably the most easiest and most effective way to clean your coffee maker. Simply running your coffee maker under water or cleaning it with some dish soap every now and then is not going to produce the best results and get the job done most effectively. You need something a bit more stronger and this is where vinegar comes to play. White vinegar is extremely potent for deep cleaning because it is highly acidic. The high acidity of white vinegar can help to counteract some seriously nasty and dirty buildup that can occur. The acid can aid in dissolving away tough soap scums and brines that can be left behind by hard water. This is exactly the type of potency that coffee makers need because coffee makers are a very moist environment. This is very bad because a moist environment leads to high growth rate of mold and bacteria. Yuck! Our bodies can tolerate a certain amount of mold and bacteria, but past a certain number can cause serious sicknesses. In addition, contrary to popular belief hot water is simply not enough to get those tough bacteria and gunky mold out. This means we need to look for something stronger, and this is where we look to vinegar to solve our issue. Below is an outline of the entirely easy steps you can take to decalcify and clean your coffee maker with white vinegar.
1. First you begin with filling the chamber of your coffee maker with equal parts water and white vinegar. Allow the coffee maker to brew as you use a paper filter. Brew the coffee maker until the chamber is half empty.
2. After you have done this, proceed to turn the coffee maker off and let it sit for about 30 minutes. Then continue brewing until all the water is gone from the chamber.
3. Once all the white vinegar and water mixture is gone from the chamber, use a new coffee filter and brew with new, clean water so that the coffee chamber can get a good rinse. Make sure to do this step twice for a really good and effective rinse as you do not want a vinegar smell or taste to be lingering around.
4. Proceed to fill your coffee maker´s carafe with warm, sudsy water and rice as rice is a gentle abrasive. Swirl the mixture around in the pot and then use a sponge to effectively rub away any gunk or stains. Then let the pot dry after thoroughly rinsing it.
5. Lastly, wipe the outside of the pot and the coffee maker with a damp cloth (you should do this step daily).
As you can see, a method to clean your coffee maker effectively is here and it is extremely easy to do. You should routinely rinse your coffee maker and rub with a damp cloth after every use, but also use the white vinegar method about once a month, to ensure that your coffee maker never causes any sicknesses and runs the best to produce the best tasting coffee that you can enjoy.
Coffee Maker Cleaning Tips

Some tips to clean your coffee maker are here for your ow browsing pleasure!
• For really effective cleaning of a coffee maker try investing in equipment such as espresso machine cleaning brushes. These brushes will speed up the process of cleaning your coffee maker and help to get in those small nooks and crannies that your coffee maker can have. It will work way more effectively then a regular sponge and will get rid of gunk and stains at a quicker rate! The best type of brush for this type of cleaning would be a group head brush that you can purchase for about $7.
• If you don´t have any vinegar in your own home or do not wish to use vinegar (but still need your coffee maker to be deeply cleaned) than try out cleaners such as the Cafiza Espresso Machine Cleaner, for a clean that will be as deep as vinegar cleaning. This powder runs at about $12 a bottle which definitely isn´t bad at all, considering that it means a clean coffee machine and a great cup of joe!
• If you want even more ways of learning how to use and take care of your coffee maker then check out pinterest. Pinterest has a ton of diys and effective ways to clean and keep your coffee maker in mint condition!
• Don´t run through the hassle of handwashing every part of your coffee maker! That takes up way too much time and energy. Pay attention to your coffee maker and what parts are dishwasher safe. For the most part, majority of the elements of a coffee maker are dishwasher safe, saving you a lot of cleaning time!
• Any left over water that is kept in your reservoir or chamber should be dumped out after one week. If you have not touched your coffee maker in a week and have left over water, start new and fill it up with fresh water. Over time dust, debris, and bacteria can fill up in the left over water and those are horrible elements to your morning cup of joe. Plus it will make your coffee taste not that great which is a miserable start to a morning.
• To prevent germs from growing and thriving in a moist environment, keep the top of the coffee maker open after a brew.
• If you want to clean and decalcify your coffee maker less often than attempt to use a specific type of water. Some types of water such as hard water can produce tough stains on your coffee maker which leads to it needing to be cleaned more often. Try using distilled water over tap water. The reason being that distilled water doesn´t have as much minerals as tap water does and this will result in less buildup and stains.
Homemade Coffee MakingTips

Now that you have some serious knowledge and background on how to clean a coffee maker effectively, here are some tips for utilizing the most out of your coffee maker to ensure the best, quality, homemade coffee out there!
Buy High Quality Coffee Beans
The staple of coffee is of course coffee beans. Failure to buy the best coffee beans means a poor tasting cup of joe. Be sure to do your research to find the best coffee beans that suit your taste and use them in your coffee maker. Your coffee maker can only do so much to make your cup of joe the best and unfortunately it is just not possible to have a coffee maker that works so well that it simply can mask the taste of bad coffee beans.
Fresh Coffee is the Best Coffee
Fresh coffee is the way to go when being smart about purchasing your coffee beans. Be wary of the roast date on the bags of coffee beans to ensure that you are buying coffee beans that have been roasted very recently. If coffee is not as fresh, then the taste and well as the benefits it brings you fades, and at that point what is the purpose of even drinking coffee? The answer is there wouldn´t be.
Grinding Beans
Only grind your beans right before you use them. Do not grind your beans early because doing that will actually degrade the coffee beans rapidly. Be aware and grind your beans only when you are going to use it at that moment, otherwise ground beans that are left in the dust do not produce delicious results.
Be Exact in Your Measurements
The key to amazing and great tasting coffee starts with being completely exact about the amount of water and beans you are using. Maybe in cooking, estimation may not be a big deal, but when it comes to the perfect cup of joe, measuring exactly down to the right amount is crucial. This ensures the best tasting coffee that your own homemade coffee maker can produce. Failure to be exact on the ratio of coffee beans to water is what causes coffee to either be too strong or too watery and leads to a coffee that isn´t paired to your exact preference.
Serve or Drink Your Coffee Immediately
Right after brewing your coffee, it is absolutely imperative that you serve or drink it immediately. Coffee that sits around for more than 15 minutes can instantly start to lose its true flavors. This is due to natural oils (that provide the taste) beginning to break down and evaporate. Your best bet to avoiding such a mess is by instantly pouring your coffee in a carafe or thermos to best preserve all the goodness that the cup of joe has to offer you.
Thing to Consider When Buying a Coffee Maker
Buying a coffee maker is one of the most important appliance buying decision you can make. Coffee makers don’t always come cheap and it is smart that you do your research before throwing yourself out there and buying the first one that you see. Before going out there, take certain factors into consideration such as…
• How often do you drink coffee?
• How small or large do you need it to be?
• How complex must the machine be in its coffee making abilities?
• What kind of coffee are you going for?
• How many cups do you want it to make at once?
Asking yourself simple questions like these are imperative in making an important and logical decision about exactly what coffee maker is best for suiting your individual and personalized coffee making needs.

After reading this article you have now become the coffee maker aficionado. You know all the best tips and tricks for cleaning your handy dandy coffee maker and keeping it in mint condition, and you are in the loop on the to dos and what not to dos when it comes to brewing and crafting your own homemade coffee. Now that you are knowledgeable in the land of homemade coffee making it is now time to put your skills to the test. Go to your kitchen and put what you know to action, to make yourself the best cup of joe that even coffee shops will be jealous about.

Coffee Health Benefits

Coffee Health Benefits
Coffee is quite literally the most important drink for Americans to consume. It offers a great delicious taste that people often find to be addictive (must be that caffeine and that delicious roasted coffee bean taste), and offers what seems to be amazing powers in the art of packing a great energy punch for the fast moving and constantly working, average American community. The average coffee drinking American will drink up to an average of 3.1 coffee cups a day! 75% of caffeine consumption here in America is from America´s obsession with coffee. These facts no doubt prove that we Americans are hooked on all that coffee has got for us. It is quite a crazy thing to think about because back in the days, so many people attempted to give coffee a bad rep by naming out outrageous lies about the effects coffee can have on us such as diabetes, stunting our growth, etc. As time has passed, numerous research and studies have actually shown us that coffee poses a numerous amount of great health benefits for us in terms of both mental and physical health. In this article we will tackle all the benefits that coffee has provided that has been confirmed by evidence and experimental studies. With both the numbers and the facts, after reading this article there is absolutely no way that you will even be able to say that coffee is remotely bad for you.

It Can Help Ward Off Cancer
There was a point in time where coffee was actually thought to be a carcinogen, but further studies and research has actually proved that this is not the case. Quite the opposite actually. The World Health Organization has actually stated that there is actually no link between coffee consumption and an increased risk of getting cancer. In addition, 1,000 pieces of research has actually proved and supported the statement that coffee is actually estimated to reduce the risk of liver cancer by about 15% when comparing coffee drinkers to non-coffee drinkers. Other research has shown that coffee consumption can reduce the risk of endometrial cancer by about 7% per cup. Consumption of about 5 or more cups of coffee a day, can also help to reduce glioma (brain tumor) by about 40%.
It Can Help You Burn Fat
The energy that coffee is known to provide you actually does more than wake you up and keep you alert. It also keeps your metabolism up and running as well. Coffee helps to move your metabolism and aid in digestion at a much quicker rate. The Nutrition and Metabolism website published a study stating that drinking coffee prior to physical activity actually kick starts your body into fat burning mode as opposed to energy burning mode. The caffeine in coffee stimulates your nervous system and causes it to send signals to your fat cells to break down your body fat.If you drink a cup of coffee before revving up the physical activity you can experience overall more weight loss as opposed to not drinking coffee at all.
Improves Your Memory

In 2014, researchers at John Hopkins University did studies that actually proved that coffee can enhance the brain´s ability to create long term memories. The effects of these long term memories can last up to 24 hours so consuming about 200 mg or one strong cup of coffee can greatly help with longer and deeper memory retention. In addition, studies have shown that it can help with memory in patients who are at risk of Alzheimers. A 2015 study published in the Journal of Alzheimers Disease has stated that healthy adults who drank about 1-2 cups of coffee a day were less likely to develop mild cognitive impairment. Studies done in 2016 showed that consumption of coffee lead to a 27% reduced risk in Alzheimers. Experts in the field also believe that the caffeine in coffee can also help with keeping blood vessels healthy and keep inflammation low, both of which are ideal for a healthy brain.So drink up a good cup of joe before that midterm studying or right before an important presentation and let the results impress you!
It Greatly Improves Your Mood
Research has been done on this particular statement at the Harvard´s Public School of Health. The study showed that coffee consumption acted as a natural antidepressant that helped to improve mood and reduce suicidal tendencies. It can help reduce fatigue and elevate the mood by releasing dopamine and serotonin in the brain, a chemical that makes you very happy and satisfied. It can also help in reducing stress and providing a more relaxed mood.Drinking about 2-4 cups of coffee will be best in helping to improve mood and combat the blues.
Coffee Can Help Protect Against Diseases
Many studies have shown and proven that coffee can provide aid against certain types of diseases. Doctors used to worry at one point that coffee´s acidity could be harmful to internal organs, but lots of studies have proven this to not be true at all. These studies have shown that coffee can actually help protect against chronic health problemssuch as type 2 diabetes, colorectal cancer, liver disease and stroke. Drinking about 3 cups of coffee can also help with prevention of cardiovascular diseases by almost 21% in comparison to those who don´t drink coffee at all. The Journal of Heptatology has published a recent study in which people with HIV and Hepatitis C were 50% less likely to die if they consumed about 3-5 cups a day. The journal has stated that this can be due to the fact that coffee has liver protective and anti-inflammatory properties.
It Contains Healthy Antioxidants

There are thousands of antioxidants found in coffee beans and hundreds more are released when you brew coffee beans. Actually, no other food comes close to the amount of antioxidants that coffee can provide. Coffee provides about 600% more antioxidants than its next contributer which is fruit. Fruits and veggies may be the best bet, but even then the body appears to absorb more of the antioxidants that coffee provides rather than fruits and vegetables. Antioxidants are very important for the human body because they help to keep us healthy by protecting the cells in our body. It can also help ease the symptoms of chronic conditions such as joint pain and arthritis by reducing inflammation. The antioxidants in coffee can also be linked to prevention against cardiovascular diseases. It contains a number of essential nutrients, including riboflavin (11% of the RDA), pantothenic acid (6% of the RDA), manganese (3% of the RDA), potassium (3% of the RDA), magnesium (2% of the RDA) and niacin (2% of the RDA). It can also control how fast you age by preventing free radicals! Overall coffee can make you feel and look good!
It Can Prevent Against Diabetes
Studies done on the link between coffeeand diabetesshowed that those who consumed at least 3 cups of coffee were able to reduce the risk of type 2 diabetes by about 42%. If diabetes is a concern in your family than try to consume more coffee with less sugar to experience a reduced risk in this disease. If you absolutely need your coffee to be sweet in order to drink it then try switching to low calorie sweeteners or other alternatives such as honey to get the sweetness you taste without all that extra bad stuff that regular white sugar can bring.
Coffee Can Overall Prolong Your Life
Coffee consumption on the daily can actually help prolong your life. This is due to the fact that coffee prevents numerous amount of ailments that can lead to a shorter life span. These ailments include parkinsons, alzheimers, dementia, cirrhosis, depression, cancer, diabetes, liver disease, coronary heart disease, strokes, gout, some types of cancer and more. So if you are feeling the urge to drink some coffee, don´t deny your body and drink up!
It Can Keeps Your Liver Healthy
There isresearch that has substantial evidence that active ingredients in coffee are what help prevent your liver from having alcoholic cirrhosis after a long night of drinking. Drinking coffee after having alcohol can help reduce your risk of cirrhosis (but don´t go overboard with the alcoholic drinking). Over a long period of time of coffee consumption and alcohol consumption, evidence shows that your risk of getting cirrhosis can actually decrease by about 50%. Studies done on the power of tea and the liver did not produce the same effects which shows that coffee most definitely has something unique to it that provides many benefits.
Black Coffee Can Prevent Tooth Cavities

Coffee can help protect your teeth by destroying a certain bacteria called Streptoccocus Mucus (S.Mutans). This bacteria is linked to creating cavities within the teeth. The study has shown that at the very least it can inhibit the progress of the S.Mutans bacteria by about 40%. Bear in mind though that this is specifically in relation to black coffee. Coffee with fancy additives and syrup can actually be counter productive to destroying S.Mutans so it is wise that if you are trying to prevent dental cavities that you reach for black coffee instead.
Coffee Can Reduce the Risk ofParkinson´s Disease
Many studies have been done to prove or disprove the validity of this statement and it appears that evidence shows that one cup of coffee can reduce parkinson´s disease by about 31%. The reduction increases once you eliminate other factos such as smoking and drinking alcohol. With these factors eliminated, parkinson´s disease can be reduced by about 58%. Other studies showed that when drinking about 5 cups of coffee a day, this disease can be reduced by about 60% in women and 61% in men. The awareness of exactly what ingredient causes this is a bit muddled, but it is thought to be related to caffeine.
Fun Facts about Coffee!
• Coffee is the 2nd most traded commodity on earth (the first being oil). According to the Global Exchange, approximately 25 million farmers in over 50 countries are involved in the production of coffee.
• Coffee comes in about 2 different beans: Arabica and Robusta. 70% of coffee beans are Arabica beans while the other are Robusta. Robusta beans are not that popular, but are known to be twice as bitter and carry a lot more caffeine.
• Coffee can be overdosed on, but that would take about 100 cups of coffee before it actually becomes lethal.
• Adding milk to coffee actually reduces the caffeine effects of coffee, by making it weaker. Our bodies have to absorb coffee a lot slower when it has milk in it and this decreases the effect of the stimulant.
• The mere effect of inhaling the smell of coffee can actually wake you up and keep you alert. Inhaling the aroma of coffee can change the activity of certain genes in your brain and this can reduce the effects of sleep deprivation, causing you to be more awake.
• Americans consume a serious amount of coffee. They consume about 400 million cups of coffee a per day. This translates to about 146 billion of cups of coffee consumed in a year, and this puts America at the leading consumer of coffee in the world.

Coffee seems to rule the world and put us in a trance (at least to us Americans), but hopefully this article put into perspective why this is the case. Coffee poses so many benefits to us that we don´t even realize and it tastes amazing making it the ultimate addicting drink in America. From the way it is made, its smell, taste and the way it makes us feel we are truly under the magnetic spell of coffee and the powers it can do to our mind and body. Now upon hearing all these potent benefits, what are you waiting for? Get your cup of joe now and enjoy the rest of your day or power through your homework/work successfully. Whatever the purpose is, coffee is sure to be there for you!

Mugged: Bowery Coffee

It is safe to say that not many people often think of mugs when they already are so busy with their hectic schedules and lives. I mean mugs? What is there to them? While mugs seem to be of no important value to many and merely seen as an object that holds your trusty beverage, mugs are actually a lot more powerful than you think. There is something exciting about them other than the fact that they hold whatever drink you consume (mostly hot). Mugs are more than just objects. When you look deep into what mugs are, you will see that they are also a symbol of creativity and artistic vision. They, like any object, when used by someone can tell a story about that someone with the mere way that they are used and the way they look. Different types of mugs and the different ways they look each help to represent the personality and depth of every individual out there. Mugs are made to provide you with warmth and also send a message across to people about the kind of person you are. Let us for starters delve into what mugs symbolize.
Mugs and What They Stand For

Mugs are often symbolic of happy and joyous occasions. Normally mugs are designed for the purpose of holding hot drinks. They are characterized by having a handle and normally are larger and deeper than cups used to carry cold drinks. Mugs are often used to hold hot drinks such as coffee, tea, hot chocolate, or even hot foods such as soup. Mugs carry hot drinks and hot drinks are often a symbol of colder seasons. We often associate drinking hot beverages with colder seasons and colder seasons like fall or winter are representative of many different things. Fall is characterized by warmer clothing, cute boots, warm orange colors that decorate trees, auburn and copper colors, crisp leaves, pumpkins (pumpkin spice latte, pies, and all), and so much more. Fall is also representative of food as it is when Thanksgiving takes place. All of these elements make fall an exciting season to experience and therefore drinking hot drinks during this season where temperatures dip lower can definitely make one feel very excited. Fall is an important time for a new season to begin, for the Earth to begin shedding the everything old, and for family to get together over great food. All of these jovial elements make fall and mugs linked together in a way that unconsciously makes one very enthusiastic. Of course you also cannot forget about winter. Winter is linked to snow, cold seasons, snowmen, bells, Christmas, New Years, family and more. All elements that are meant to trigger feelings of excitement and eagerness. Winter represents even colder weather and with that mugs to hold your trusty beverages as they keep you warm during the chilly, but joyous season. As you can see mugs unconsciously can bring forth a lot of anticipation of the idea that their mere function provides us warmth and comfort during seasons where contentment and satisfaction run rampant. Mugs represent the idea of warmth, comfort, holidays and family and for that reason they are more than just their intended function.
They are a Reflection of You
Another great thing about mugs is that they don´t just come looking like one, simple object and that is it. Mugs are all different and unique on their own. They often feature cool colors, drawings, pictures, quotes, patterns and more that are all insanely unique and beautiful in their own way. Mugs come in various styles that can each cater to everyone´s own specific individuality. They make a statement about a person and for that reason, so many people love them. It would be a lie to say that it isn´t intriguing to go looking for your own cute mugs that represent you. When you have so many options to choose from seasonal mugs to sports mugs to funny quotes or philosophical ones and more. There are millions of mugs that each can represent a little part of who you are such as your favorite season, sports team, color or quirky things that you yourself find funny or inspiring. Mugs can also be a great way for companies to advertise themselves to others and make profit. Mugs are a symbolic representation of your artistic, creative, and business side and for that reason these little objects shouldn’t be overlooked.
All Types of Mugs

Mugs can come in all different types of materials. Old mugs back in the day (I´m talking ancient mugs) used to be shaped out of wood, bone, or clay. Modern mugs are now made of a variety of materials such as bone china, earthenware, stoneware, and porcelain which are all ceramics. They can also be made of a strengthened glass such as pyrex, though these types of mugs are not very common. When the mugs are crafted to resist breakage or reduce weight than the mugs can also come in forms of enameled metal, plastic, or steel. Generally mugs will carry logos, pictures, and words that are fired onto the mug to ensure they don´t get destroyed. Silk screen printing or decals are used to apply these decals, logos, pictures, and more. Mugs can also come in a travel type with a lid on top to avoid spillage. These travel mugs can also be decorated as well. Mugs are often crafted with thick walls to ensure that there is no quick heating or cooling of drinks. The bottoms of mug are not flat rather concave to prevent as much thermal contact from the happening between the bottom of the mug and whatever surface it is on. The cross-like structure of the handle is used to help with making sure the heat of the liquid does not heat the handle.
Uses for Mugs

Mugs have now been branched as having multiple functions other than its intended function. Many people over time have devised creative uses for mugs that shy away from its traditional function and this makes mugs even more versatile in functionality and usage.
Make a Candle
There are now many do it yourself projects that encompass using your mug as a very cute and unique candle holder. Many websites post cool ways of turning your mug into an artsy candle holder to decorate your room or other places.
Create a Mini Garden
Other purposes for mugs include making your own little garden. Forget about flower pots when you have your own little mug that is more decorative than those average flower pots. You can plant tiny little flowers in your mug and make it the perfect décor for any room!
Craft Delicious, 5 Minute Desserts
Try using your mug to make delicious treats! Your mugs can be used to make microwaveable desserts such as mug cakes and brownies that are ready to eat within 5 minutes of heating! You can use one mug to hold your delicious tea or coffee as you use another mug to eat your 5 minute cake or brownie. The best part is that they taste like the ones that you bake in the oven and they require very little preparation time in comparison.
Get Crafty with Old Mugs
If you are feeling as if your favorite mug has done some serious time and it starting to show signs of wear, then you can actually try this cool DIY that includes breaking your mug to make an extremely cool mug mosaic. Various websites give you specific instructions on just how you can achieve this to make your old mugs look cool and new again.
Use it as a Music Speaker
If you enjoy music than you will really enjoy this cool mug trick that involves amplifying the music from your phone. You simply place the mug on its side, put the phone in the mug, with speakers of the phone facing the bottom of the mug and from there play your favorite music with a much louder and amplified sound. This helps because the sound bounces off the depth of the walls.
The Perfect Cookie Cutter
Use them to make perfect round shapes for your cookies. If you don´t have a cookie cutter and you don´t feel like investing in one, simply place the bottom of your mug into your dough and cut out perfect round shapes for cookies.
Control the Portions of Your Snacks
Using a mug can also help with portion control when it comes to snacking. It is quite common for people to snack on large amounts of food to the point that they spoil lunch or dinner for themselves. They often do this by using large bowls and filling those bowls to the rim with various amounts of snack that result in a portion size that is way beyond snacking. To have more control over this, place your snacks in a mug instead. You will see that a mug carries a lot less snacks than a bowl and that helps you to snack on a good amount so that you don´t fill yourself up before a meal.
Why Mug Collections are a Hit
The art of mug collecting is quite a common thing among many coffee and tea drinkers. They tend to over time build a grandeur stock of various beautiful mugs that all carry their own specific meaning, value, and individuality. Many people love to collect mugs for the reason that the mere idea of choosing a mug for your drink in the morning is actually very exciting. The art of choosing anything really from a wide variety of objects you love is bound to produce a form of happiness. It is a little pick me up in the morning where life can sometimes go beyond your scope of choices and it is nice to have a beautiful collection that is tied to uniquely you and something only you have control over. The mere thought of that makes mug collecting a very appealing activity. Mug collecting can also help with your motivation and desire to travel the world. Over time as you gain an impressive stock of mugs, obtaining mugs from various places soon becomes a desire. You use it as a souvenir and a way to commemorate a trip you did and a place you fell in love with. Add that in addition to the fact that you can actually personalize your own mugs and order as many mugs tailored to your own desire and imagination. Choose mugs that represent the mood you are feeling that day. These options are what make mug collecting a serious hit for many coffee and tea drinkers.
Types of Mugs You Can Collect
Here is a nice list of different types of mugs you can think about collecting as you get your own mug collection started!
To-go and travel size mugs
Personalized mugs
Souvenir mugs
Patterned mugs
Sports mugs
Alumni/school mugs
Mugs with quotes on them
Mugs that reference movies, songs, artists
A mug rack or display case (because your going to need to proudly display those beautiful objects)
As time goes on and you start to really gain a serious momentum with your collection of mugs you can even check out extremely cool and creative spaces that you can create within your living space so that you can keep your mugs in all one area, as your collection expands further. Mug collectors can feel free to decorate the space around the display of mugs and that could make for some serious artistic talent being demonstrated.

After this article, I hope you see why mugs deserve more credit and spotlight than they actually get. Yeah sure the drinks they carry are extremely cool, but these nifty articles are truly an advantage to possess as they symbolize creativity, individuality, and thinking outside the box when it comes to functionality. They are the inventive objects of the modern society and all the unique and diverse people that make it up and for that reasons mugs are totally deserving of this much needed spotlight.

Coffee in Los Angeles/Benefits of Coffee

Coffee is the beacon of energy for many Americans as they scramble and work for hours on end to carry out the necessary tasks and functions for the day. Coffee is a holy grail on those sleepless nights where work or school rule the night and the body has no choice but to keep persisting tirelessly despite its warnings for much needed sleep and rest. Sometimes though life catches up by surprise and sleep is often put in the back of our mind and it seems the only way that we can really truly get through the never ending day is by having that cup of joe. Drinking coffee as a source of energy has become the main and most exciting part of most people´s routines. The best part about coffee is that it has become a symbol for socialization and relaxation. A drink that poses numerous benefits by providing advantageous energy in a great delicious flavor, that changes depending on your tastes and preferences. It is the perfect drink to enjoy on hot days, cold days, work days, school days, days off, and any other days in between. It is basically the best drink to enjoy everyday and any day and that is one of the many reasons why so many people love it. Coffee is important to people in so many ways and can be enjoyed in different varieties. Many places around the world make coffee their staple and offer a myriad of cool, funky coffee shops to satisfy that energy or caffeine craving. Of these many places let us take a pit stop at one city known for their many (and I do truly mean many) coffee shops and various coffee places for people to enjoy- Los Angeles, California.
Coffee in Los Angeles

There are 4 leading cities that lead the nation into the reputation of consuming and selling the most coffee. These 4 locations being, Seattle, Los Angeles, Chicago, and New York. Can you guess which of these cities carries the most coffee shops?…It is Los Angeles! The city of Los Angeles boasts about 801 different coffee shops for both residents and tourists to enjoy. Coffee means a myriad of things for a city with a bustling population like Los Angeles. The city is home to those rich enough to stay at home and those busting their butt to make it through work. Both sides of the spectrums love their coffee. Coffee in LA has not only become a symbol of caffeine and a necessity, but for a way to mix business and leisure together. When you step through any coffee shop in LA you will be greeted by many different crowds, the ones trying desperately to get their coffee in before work, the crowd leisurely talking about going to the beach to surf, the crowd of preteens talking about homecoming, the ones conducting their business meeting, the moms trying to get errands done, and so many more. Coffee has value for everyone. It doesn´t stand out as a symbol that attracts one type of crowd but rather many, and for that reason coffee has become of serious popularity in one of the most populated cities of the United States. I mean it also makes sense on why coffee is such a buzz in Los Angeles. The city boasts millions of busy people in the industry from actors, singers, producers, musicians, models, record label employees, newscasts, modeling agencies and so much more. As being the Entertainment Capital of the World, the city has become a place for entertainers and those being entertained to stop, rest, and socialize. The city booms with people working from all over the industry and the ratings of being the top city in coffee consumption in the nation, is just proof of that.
Coffee Shops to Hit Up in LA

If you live near the beautiful city of Los Angeles or ever find yourself in this magical and busy city, here are some renown coffee shops known for mixing both the art of coffee and creativity together into an amazing, best selling coffee shop that is truly something worth checking out!
Alfred´s Coffee and Kitchen
You may not have heard of this coffee shop, but I think this one will ring a bell when I say that it is known for it´s popular instagram worthy ¨But first, coffee¨ coffee quotes that are printed out on their cups. These types of coffee cups have graced all forms of social media from twitter to instagram to tumblr and more! They are known for creating delightful espressos and delicious cold brews that are all made from their stumptown beans. Many celebrities have been spotted gracing this coffee shop and it is also home to its own tea room where you have a lovely selection of teas to choose from as well.
Cognoscenti Coffee
This shop has equal parts great coffee mixed with amazing interior decorating. The coffee shop has a modern and light interior feel to it, with its cool art galleries posted on the walls and its funky owl picture on the wall itself. The shop itself is adorned with vibrant, colorful chairs and tile flooring that is worthy of instagramming. The overall vibe of the store screams aesthetic and artsy, making it an even more appealing place to grab a cup of joe. The coffee menu, appears to change throughout the seasons, but regulars still make the cut such as the Seattle´s Kuma Coffee and the San Francisco´s Ritual Coffee.
The Conservatory for Coffee, Tea, and Cocoa
This one is a triple whammy it seems as it carries not only a wide selection of coffee, but a variety of tea and cocoa as well. Their employees know all the right type of information that you need to know for picking up and brewing the best coffee at home, and they know how to keep you informed and interested in what they have to offer. This shop roasts its beans in the shop and have the option for online orders! You´ll check out a wide range of people hanging out at this cool sight from studying to socializing (just make sure that if you do plan on studying here, you don´t bring a computer since it is a no wifi zone area). Instead you see people writing things out the old fashioned ways and what? Reading a book? If you want a break away from all that technology and kick back old school than come to this shop for you definitely will not regret it!
The Benefits of a Cup of Joe
One of the many reasons that coffee can appeal to people in so many ways could probably be linked to the fact that coffee provides so many benefits that it is seriously unreal how water and simple beans can concoct such advantageous rewards for you.
It May Reduce Type II Diabetes

Shilpa Bhupathiraju, a research fellow at the Harvard School of Public Health´s Department of Nutrition, has stated that metabolic studies of caffeine in blood glucose levels and insulin resistance (with over 20 years of follow up) resulted in an 8 percent decrease in the risk of type II diabetes in women while there was a 4 percent decrease in males. The study was conducted by observing around 80,000 women and 40,000 men from the 1980´s to 2008. It seems thought that a majority of people associate coffee as a sweet, luxurious drink to consume rather one that would actually help us in terms of health. This is because people often go for the coffee with lots of sugar and creamer in it and that of course will reverse the coffee´s effects. For this reason, it is best to try to consume coffee with a small amount of sugar and creamer so that you can reap more health benefits from it.
Coffee Can Help with Burning Fat

Detailed studies have taken place that show that coffee is actually one of the very few substances that can help aid the body with burning fat. The studies showed that caffeine could help burn fat by 3-11%. Other studies have used this research to further expand on the link between caffeine and fat burning and they have also come to the conclusion that coffee can actually aid obese people in burning fat by up to 10% and 29% for lean individuals. Studies have not been extensive enough to conclude whether this benefit in coffee consumption can decrease as the consumption of coffee increases in an individual.
Coffee Contains Nutrients that are Essential for You

An average cup of coffee can have about 6% of the RDA for Pantothenic Acid (Vitamin B5), 11% of the RDA for Riboflavin (Vitamin B2), 2% of the RDA for Niacin (B3) and Thiamine (B1), and 3% of the RDA for Potassium and Manganese. Pantothenic acid is good for you because it is linked to decreased levels of stress and anxiety, lower risk of asthma, hair loss, allergies, and more. Riboflavin is beneficial for you because it helps to improve blood circulation, energy, and help promote growth and development (so coffee really doesn´t make you short). Niacin is helpful in maintaining skin health, supporting proper brain function, joint mobility and improvements in cholesterol levels. Thiamine is crucial for preventing heart disease, protecting the nerves, promoting digestion, and having anti-aging properties. Potassium is important for relief from strokes and blood pressure, muscle strength, and reduced anxiety and stress. Lastly Manganese aids in the production of healthy bone structures, bone metabolism, and helping to create essential enzymes for bone structure. As you can see, all of these ingredients found in coffee produce great health benefits for coffee consumers only making the whole ordeal of drinking coffee, even more appealing!
It Gives You a Lot of Antioxidants

Coffee is known to carry a lot of antioxidants. Antioxidants are important for us for a myriad of reasons that include supporting a good immune system, providing healthy skin, and can improve a number of problems related to eyes, mood, heart, memory, and immune system. Antioxidants can also be provided by consumption of fruits and vegetables, but it appears that out of all 3 categories, antioxidants that come from coffee get absorbed by the body even more.
Coffee Can Improve Your Mood

The National Insitute of Health conducted a study in which they found out that people who actually drank 4 or more cups of coffee were less upset or depressed by about 10% than those who didn´t drink coffee. The reason that coffee makes you feel happier or excited is not because of the caffeine but actually because of the many antioxidants that it provides. This is of extreme importance because a study done by the Harvard School of Health stated that consumption of coffee to about 2-4 cups can help reduce suicide in men and women by about 50%. Coffee helps aid in the production of neurotransmitters that make you happy or excited such as serotonin, dopamine, and noradrenaline. This allows it to act as a mild antidepressant.
The Final Thought
It is no secret that coffee is a pastime enjoyed by many. People from all over the world have been drinking this powerful beverage since somewhere around the 9th century. For hundreds and hundreds of years, coffee has been a way for strangers to band together, form new relationships, exchange important information, laugh, be more productive, and have a good time. With all of these powerful things that coffee can do in addition to the amazing health benefits it provides, this drink is truly a magic to behold that will continue to rise in popularity as time goes on. Stretching for more research, exchange of knowledge, new friendships, and expanding on all types of creativity and artistic talent. Let coffee be the beacon of light and a ray of sunshine that is will always be constant in a fast moving and continuously advancing society that is always changing.

Incredible Tasty Fresh Roasted Coffee: Bowery Coffee

Fresh roasted coffee is enigmatic. The smells and aromas that permeate in the air after a batch of coffee beans has just been brewed, is a smell that one can never forget. Hints of other flavors can infiltrate the air such as vanilla, cinnamon, caramel, hazelnut, and many more, making coffee a perfect and irresistible drink to have on the daily. What makes coffee so addicting? What makes coffee a drink that everyone can sip and enjoy together? What is it about tasty fresh roasted coffee that makes us want more and more? In this article we explore into great detail the many aspects, varieties, and flavors that coffee can come in, making it the perfect treat for everybody’s taste buds to enjoy no matter the occasion. When diving into what makes coffee so enigmatic and easy to obsess over we must first look into the many bold flavors of coffee.

Flavored Coffee Variety

Perhaps the obsession with coffee can be found in the fact that coffee can come in so many versatile flavors for everyone to enjoy. Take for example, the brand of coffee known as Bowery Coffee. The popularity behind this coffee can probably be found in the fact that this coffee doesn’t just come in one boring flavor for people to consume, rather a collection of different flavors for everyone to enjoy. The flavors of Bowery coffee come in varieties such as original, dirty chai, toasted caramel, cacao, and tahitian vanilla. All of these flavors offer distinct notes and tastes that differ from one another, yet they share one similar note and that is the unmistakable taste of fresh delicious coffee that may either be very subtle or very strong. Some other coffee flavors include mocha, hazelnut, vanilla, cinnamon, french vanilla, almond, etc. as well as some super crazy and unique flavors such as apricot, apple, blueberry, cherry, mint, brownie, almond and more. The whole point behind listing all of these flavors is to show that coffee doesn’t have to be boring. It doesn’t have to be something redundant and mundane rather something versatile that changes when you do! With hundreds of great tasting flavors to try and enjoy, coffee becomes a top favorite among so many as there is always a flavor that is sure to satisfy everybody’s needs and preferences. It always seems that new always tastes better to us and maybe that’s why every cup of coffee tastes incredible and fresh!

Hot or Cold?

Upon deeper analysis into the makeup and science behind coffee, we can find that in addition to coffee’s myriad of flavors, we can also see another reason as to why coffee is such a hit! This would probably have to do with the amazing reason that coffee doesn’t have to just be served hot! Coffee is so versatile that its flavor doesn’t just have to be enjoyed on those cold mornings when you need something to warm you up. Sometimes you still crave coffee when the heat is running rampant and water just doesn’t seem to be keeping you satisfied anymore. That’s why iced coffee has become incredibly popular (especially in the intense heat of Southern California) for people to enjoy. It’s sweet, makes you happy, gives you energy, and is refreshing! I mean what else could you want from a drink? The versatility of coffee to adapt and be enjoyed no matter the seasons or temperature, is another reason as to why everyone loves to sip on a good cup of coffee!

Coffee Making Methods & Finding the Right Coffee for You!

One who is well versed on the art of making coffee knows very well that the methods of making coffee affect the actual taste of coffee. A coffee’s taste is affected by many factors such as the amount of water used, the amount of coffee beans, the type of coffee beans, the coffee machine that is used, the type of milk and creamer being implemented and so on and so forth! So many factors influence coffee that coffee doesn’t adhere to one type of flavor. For people who have not developed strong or bold palates to coffee, lattes and macchiatos are very helpful in providing the perfect sweet taste to the bitter taste of coffee. For those who love a strong and black taste, espresso, ristretto, or cappuccinos are the perfect go to drink. I think the fact that coffee has so much to offer is what makes it so appealing to people who even swear by the fact that they hate coffee. People can’t really hate coffee because coffee is so versatile that they can’t possibly have tried it all. The reason people dislike coffee is because they haven’t found the method or flavor that has made the earth move for them. Luckily the fun in drinking coffee is experimenting with all the different methods, flavors, creamers, and milks to find the perfect drink that fits your individual tastes and is tailored perfectly for you and only you! Don’t be a scaredy cat when it comes to coffee. If you are one of those people who swear that you dislike coffee, give it another go! Do your research and mess around until you found the flavor that suits you perfectly, because I guarantee you it is 100% there, you just have to look hard and well for it! Sometimes asking your local barista is a good way to start. Learn what you don’t like and understand what you do like and work on it from there. I know for a fact that once you’ve found your own niche when it comes to consuming coffee, you will never ever say the words “coffee” and “dislike” in the same sentence again!

The Science Behind the Addicting Smell of Coffee

Probably one of the most appetizing and mouthwatering things about coffee, is not just the taste, but the smell of coffee itself. There is something so addicting and captivating about the smell of coffee that instantly brings a rush of positive emotions to us –elation, satisfaction, happiness, calm, and collectedness. Why is that? Why do we feel such things when smelling those rich and roasted coffee beans? Well it seems as if there is actually a whole science behind it, that we have never even thought about! Probably the most aromatic component of coffee is the caffeine aspect of it. Coffee’s caffeine smell triggers dopamine release in our brain, which is a hormone responsible for making us excited and happy. The human brain has a list of smells that are considered to be attractive and appealing to us and it appears that coffee has the potency to actually hit upon all of these attractive smells at once. When coffee beans are roasting and heating, this constant churning causes alterations to be made to the structure of the coffee beans. This alteration causes caramelization and fruity smells to emit into the air. The aroma of coffee can hit upon all different and unique scents that are pleasant to the human brain such as spicy, fruity, floral, and smoky. Phenols are one chemical compound responsible for the earthy and smoky smell coffee has. Phenols are what create the bitterness that one finds in coffee when you taste. Another compound within coffee that contributes to its wondrous smell is Hydroxymethylfurfural or HMF. This compound is what gives coffee the aromatic smell similar to caramel, that is oh so sweet and simply too irresistible to not sniff. It also has been said that eight genes are responsible for your affinity and natural liking to caffeine. Maybe next time when you smell the amazing smell of coffee and just can’t get yourself to stop, you will know that it’s not your fault, it’s your genes fault instead!

Tips for the Perfect Cup of Joe!

1.Make sure your coffee beans are fresh! A delicious and enticing coffee starts with fresh coffee beans that are ready to roast. Store any opened canned coffee beans in airtight containers to contain the freshness. Failure to do so, will result in stale coffee beans that won’t make such a good coffee! Don’t ever freeze your coffee beans!

2.Know where your coffee is coming from! Keeping an eye out on where your beans come from entirely will help you understand whether you have made the correct investment into a good container of coffee beans. Cheap coffee brands that don’t sell 100% Arabica beans are known to have very nasty and harsh notes associated with their coffee that can turn any coffee experience into a nightmare. For that reason it is important to look out for brands that are 100% pure Arabica beans. Be aware of popular regions that have the best coffee beans, for an overall amazing coffee drinking experience.

3.This tip may sound actually crazy, but it is pretty logical once you think about it! Be sure that when brewing your coffee, you are using the best water out there! Sounds weird right? But it is so true! Just like water can taste bad on its own, bad water can make even good coffee taste bad! Try to stay away from distilled or softened water. The minerals in water are essential for the overall taste of your coffee. Perhaps maybe the best water to use would be filtered water! Keep a pitcher of filtered water in the refrigerator so that you are ready to use it in the morning.

4.Making the perfect cup of joe begins with knowing the exact measurements of coffee. When it comes to coffee you have to be absolutely detailed and distinct about the exact measure of your coffee and how much coffee beans you are using. Exact measurements are essential to making your coffee the best that it can be. Baristas recommend that you should always measure your coffee with a scale rather than a spoon. Baristas swear that both methods of measurement yields different tastes in coffee!

5.Clean your coffeemaker often! Seems like a step that is practically common sense, but you would be surprised with how much it is overlooked. Coffee beans carry oil with them that is left behind after you roast and brew them. Failure to wash your coffee pot everyday means that the oil from the coffee beans gets left behind, and this is something you want to avoid. Oil leftover in your coffee pot will affect the flavor of the next batches of coffee that you decide to make. Over time your coffee will taste burnt from all the oil that is leftover and you certainly do not want that!

Top Coffee Beans to Try!

-Arabica beans from Mexico
-Roast Espresso Beans from Italy
-Yiracheffa Beans from Ethiopia
-Peaberry Beans from Tanzania
-Bouquete Beans from Panama

After reading this article it is becoming increasingly clear, why so many people cannot get enough of all that coffee has to offer. It’s different, unique, and does not adhere to only one flavor. You can drink coffee many times a day, over many days a week and never get bored because coffee is ready to change when you are, and there is a coffee that is out there for everyone to try and enjoy! Don’t be afraid to join the rest of the world in their coffee craze. This aromatic, energetic drink is without a doubt so delicious and impossible to resist. In addition it provides a lot of variety and flavors that one can constantly try. Fresh roasted coffee has the power to reach people’s adventurous and daring side and take them to a world of whole new different flavors that they never imagined could taste so good. Coffee isn’t just about enjoying good flavors, but spending time making intellectual conversations with people you love. It is more than just a fresh, roasted drink to devour. It’s a symbol of interaction, conversation, and being a community. It symbolizes bonding together over a common goal and making memories that are unforgettable.

A Cuppa Day: Bowery Coffee is There!

Ahh coffee, the luxurious go to drink for the mornings when you are in a rush, but your mind, body, and soul feel extremely slow. It’s no secret that coffee is the holy grail drink that gets more than half of America up and out of the bed and ready to start their day. I’m not going to lie myself. Coffee in the morning was always what made my days a little more happier to start with. Knowing that I would have the trusty, sweet, caffeine drink by my side to boost my energy levels and send a smile on my face, was all I needed to get my tired self up and out of the bed. This is the case for many Americans. Coffee is the constant in our life where everything is always changing. Friends change, houses change, jobs change, but coffee remains constant and America loves their cup of joe for that reason! No matter what life throws at you coffee is there, ready to soothe the anxiety or stress that accompanies it. Why does it do that? What is so great about that daily cup of coffee that has America reaching for more?

Benefits of Coffee

Well for starters, maybe one of the reasons why so many people reach for coffee almost every morning, may have to do with the many benefits that coffee can give! Check it out!

1.Coffee can boost some serious performance! Drink black coffee an hour before, and see the 11-12% increase in energy levels! This is due to the fact that caffeine increases adrenaline levels in the body which is your body’s fight or flight response. This response helps prepare your body for high levels of exertion.

2.Coffee may also be a preventative measure against certain types of cancer. A study has shown that drinking coffee can decrease the risk of prostate cancer in men by 20% and endometrial cancer in women by 25%. Caffeine may also be linked to the prevention of the development of basal cell carcinoma (a common type of skin cancer).

3.Coffee can literally make you a much happier person! Coffee has been linked to stimulating the central nervous system and boosting the production of certain neurotransmitters. These neurotransmitters are known as serotonin, dopamine, and noradrenaline, all of which elevate your mood! Drinking around two cups of coffee a day can also lower the risk of suicide by 50%!

4.This potent, delicious drink may also be linked to cleaner arteries. The medical journal Heart published an experiment in which 25,000 people drank 3-5 cups of coffee regularly. The results of the study showed that those who drank coffee were less prone to having calcium deposits in their arteries than those who didn’t drink coffee.

5.A study done and published from the Journal of Pain in March, 2007 stated that coffee can cut post workout pain by up to 48%.

6.Korean researchers did a study in which they found out that those who drank 3-5 cups of coffee a day were less likely to show early signs of heart disease than those who drank no coffee.

7.Based on more than 15 published studies, it seems to be a common agreement that coffee drinking can actually help to prevent diabetes. In multiple studies of around 193,000 participants, it was stated that those who drank around 6-7 cups daily were 35% less likely to have type 2 diabetes than those who drank 2 or fewer cups of coffee a day. An Australian study even added that after observing over 18 different studies with 458,000 people, there was a 7% drop in the risk of type 2 diabetes for every additional cup of coffee that is consumed daily.

Common Coffee Myths Debunked

Coffee Dehydrates You

It seems to be a common mindset that coffee is for sure one drink that dehydrates you constantly which is why people drink water every time they consume coffee. It seems to be the notion that drinking coffee, makes you pee, and peeing makes you lose water and hydration? Right? Actually, wrong. Coffee itself has a lot of water in it. A lot of coffee is normally made up of a lot of water as well and this water definitely counts towards hydrating the body and becoming a part of your daily hydration. A study published in PLOS ONE actually stated that three cups of coffee daily, is equivalent to three cups of water daily. The diuretic effect of caffeine in coffee is very slight and your body builds tolerance to this side effect quite quickly.

Coffee Stunts Your Growth

You can blame this total myth on a brand known as Postum. Postum was a coffee alternative that attempted to take out their coffee competitors by branding all their campaigns with the silly notion that coffee would have profound stunting effects on a child’s growth. This myth worked its wonders for a while on people. The bottom line is that there have been numerous studies done to try to prove whether this is true and to this day there seems to be no evidence linking coffee to a stunt in growth. In addition there are no studies that caffeine further more affects bone health in any disastrous way and for that reason we shouldn’t listen to everything we hear from campaigns. Especially a campaign that comes from a coffee alternative made of wheat bran, molasses, and wheat. We could see why they would have a little bit of a hard time selling their product.

Mid-Afternoon Coffee Causes Insomnia

There seems to be quite a lot of fuss over the idea that a coffee around 3 PM will most definitely be the reason as to why you can’t find it within yourself to go to sleep. In reality, your liver and body actually process coffee at an extremely alarming rate of about 4-7 hours. Drink your coffee in the afternoon and don’t worry. The after effects of that caffeine will most definitely be gone by the time you are ready to hit the hay.

Decaf Means Caffeine Free

It is extremely popular for people to believe that decaffeinated coffee is in fact coffee with no caffeine whatsoever. You often heard people say in coffee shop lines that they need their sleep so they will be ordering the decaf instead. Think again my friend. There is actually no way for a cup of coffee to be 100% and completely devoid of caffeine. A decaf coffee is actually just coffee with 10-20% less caffeine than the average cup. Combine about 4 cups of decaf coffee and you practically accumulated enough caffeine in your system that you would get from a normal drip coffee.

Yummy Coffee Shops to Check Out!

Coffee shops are a major hit all over the world! People everywhere look to a nice and fresh cup of joe to get them started in the morning. Whether that cup of joe comes from their own coffee machine or from the barista at the coffee shop a couple blocks away, check out these crazy, cool coffee shops that are making headlines all over the world!

Kaffeine in London, England

Try out Kaffeine’s coffee flight! This coffee drink has a serious and unique caffeine punch to it for sure! This coffee drink includes a single shot of espresso, a single shot of cappuchino, and a cold brew cascara refresher all in one! Other than this one of a kind drink, the expertise behind being a Kaffeine barista shows in the requirements they must meet to work there! All Kaffeine baristas must have at least 3 years of training under their belt before they can work behind the counter to show off the cool latte art and coffee making skills they have learned!

Coffee Supreme in Auckland, New Zealand

This coffee shop brings coffee to a whole new level. They are the coffee shop known globally for being the only coffee shop- yes I said that right – the only coffee shop where you can enjoy soda syrup blended with coffee! You can try your hand at many different coffee flavors and even add sparkling water or milk to your coffee! How cool is that!? In addition try their delicious scones and you will easily see why this coffee shop has gained some serious attention and popularity.

Coffee Collective in Copenhagen, Denmark

Coffee collective is another coffee shop that you should definitely try should you ever find yourself in the city of Copenhagen. This coffee shop has built itself quite the reputation with their extremely aesthetically pleasing and extremely charming set up. This coffee shop is well known for their classic set coffee drink. This coffee drink includes a shot of espresso that is served with a traditional style cappuccino. Their coffee is truly fresh and unique and they totally express that on their website. You can check out their website to get information about the farmers who put in a lot of care to grow the fresh coffee beans that this shop uses for their extremely in demand drinks!

3FE in Dublin, Ireland

The vibe of 3FE is definitely not like any other. The overall vibe and mood of the coffee shop can only be described as serene and quiet. The perfect place to get some studying or work done, or have a calm and quiet conversation with friends or family! One very original thing about this particular coffee shop is the fact that they offer the coffee trio! The coffee trio is an order in which you try 3FE’s coffee beans in three different ways – espresso, espresso with milk, and as filter coffee. Trying out this coffee trio will truly make you a regular at this coffee shop if you happen to live nearby!

Verve Coffee Roasters in Los Angeles, California

The total hipster coffee shop of the century. Take a trip to this coffee shop and see what all the younger kids are talking about all over their social media, with this super Tumblr and popular coffee shop. The shop is home to tiled floors, gorgeous patios, and extremely good espresso drinks with pour over coffees. Not feeling the coffee either iced or hot? No problem, this is Los Angeles, so this shop has got you covered with a seriously cool rainbow collection of rainbow pressed juices to sip from and refresh on a hot LA day.

Karabatak in Istanbul, Turkey

This coffee shop is home to beautiful and unique Turkish coffee. A coffee prepared by boiling finely powdered roast coffee beans in a pot. You then put the contents into a heaping spoonful of sugar, and then let the dregs sit in a cup. This cool coffee method is best experienced at Karabatak where you can enjoy the different flavors of Turkish coffee while soaking in a Mediterranean atmosphere coupled with super cool mismatched vintage furniture. If you aren’t a big fan of the Turkish coffee, than no worries, this coffee shop has got you covered with some popular Western coffee drinks that can be served up as well.

It’s no joke at all when it comes to how serious coffee is to us. Hopefully this article expanded your horizons and made you see how important a cuppa coffee is to many people around the world. There is a lot to admire about coffee from the numerous benefits it offers, to the varieties and ways we can enjoy this coffee as well as to the way it can bring people together and bring out their own individuality. Coffee definitely has some potent abilities to make everyday seem a little more brighter, a little less stressful, and a lot more easier to tackle and we thank this heavenly drink for that! Don’t see what I’m talking about? Order some bowery coffee or head off to one of the coffee shops I’ve mentioned and see what all the fuss is about!

Bowery Coffee and Social Affairs

Coffee has been around for ages upon ages upon ages. People all over the world from as far back as the 11th century to now have used coffee for a myriad of reasons. Many used coffee beans and plants for the fact that they believed it to have medicinal properties. As times progressed, coffees reached other parts of the world and were used as a way to bring many together for entertainment and fun. Coffee gained headlines back in the 15th century as a way to drink, indulge, and have fun, paving its way out of homes and into coffee shops where live shows and social activity was bustling. It was a way for people to enjoy the aromatic scents and bliss these coffee beans brought while enjoying a good laugh with friends. It’s no doubt that coffee and social drinking has been a part of history for centuries and continues to be a united pair even in the modern world. From the coffee houses of America to the coffee houses of Italy and more, coffee has most definitely become the unit that has brought many together for good, hearty conversations and quality time with loved ones. Here’s a look at just how this delicious beverage has seemed to make its appearance into the daily social affairs of the modern world.


Coffee first made its existence known around the 11th century in Ethiopia. It is said by many that a goat herder by the name of Kaldi took refuge by a tree and used the berries of the tree to feed his goats. He didn’t seem to understand the newfound energy that took place in his goats as they would stay up all night, running about. He reported his discovery to a monastery that made a drink out of the berries and noticed newfound alertness and energy from them as well. It wasn’t long before the news of these magical berries made its way across the world reaching the Arabian peninsula. By the 15th century, Yemen began producing their own coffee beans and soon by the 16th century, many Middle Eastern countries such as Turkey, Syria, and Egypt were developing a reputation for the production and use of these coffee beans. Coffee was a way for people to indulge and enjoy. Soon people from all over the place came to coffee houses to indulge and socialize. They would play chess, watch shows, talk, and exchange information about the world. Soon enough coffee houses gained the name of “School of the Wise” where people could come to learn and exchange news with each other. This introduced a whole new type of socializing for people to partake in, and it wasn’t long before other countries around the world did the same exact thing. Travelers of Europe would come back from the East with stories about these coffee houses and those mysterious black beverages that everyone drank. By the 17th century, coffee and socialization become of equal popularity in Europe. England even set up what they called “penny universities” where people could pay a penny for some good coffee and stimulating conversations. Coffee was soon brought to New York by the 1600’s and soon enough America partook in the production and construction of coffee and coffee houses. It’s no secret that the social aspect of coffee drinking that we experience in modern society is merely a mimic of what people have been doing for centuries upon centuries. It is something that we have historically been doing for an incredible amount of time so it’s only natural that coffee and socializing are merely what is natural and normal for us to participate. We see this every day and here are some examples of that!

Coffee and Studying Together

Have you always thought about why coffee and studying go hand in hand? Coffee exists wherever energy and brain power is needed. That’s why we see coffee shops frequent our university campuses and exist in our libraries and bookstores. Universities, libraries, and bookstores all require knowledge and brain power. You need energy to power through your studying and be alert when it comes to what you are doing. In universities and even high school, you see that studying in coffee shops more than often incorporate a group of people rather than one individual. Why is that? Because studies show that the most efficient studying takes place when groups are exchanging their own knowledge and feedback on subjects and topics. What better way to do that than at a coffee shop where people have been coming together for generations to exchange their information and learn from each other? It seems that coffee and social affairs go well together because that’s how it has always been. It’s what we have seen as little kids and what we have seen as we grown up and it’s natural for us to gravitate to something that we observe everyone else doing. Coffee and socialization are a part of our history and we are only doing what is natural by continuing that history. Hence why in modern society coffee exists in accordance with studying and study groups. It brings us caffeine and enough energy to partake in stimulating conversations while being alert enough to fully reflect on what we hear and learn.

Coffee and Working Together

The power of coffee and collaborative working is very similar to the power of coffee and studying together. The setting probably just switches from a coffee shop to an office. In an office and work environment, lots of ideas and collaboration flow around. Conversation, collaboration, and communication are very vital in a workforce. An office needs alert people to work together to problem solve and come up with good, innovative ideas to carry out. Once again this is where coffee comes into play. It’s pretty normal for workers in an office to have their own coffee on their desk while they are crunching numbers or writing reports. When you come together collaboratively, that doesn’t change. Good energy and aware bodies/minds are needed to fully understand what your coworkers are trying to say and to participate in problem solving etc. Drinking coffee together in an office is very common because most likely everyone in that office has busy lives and sleep is often a luxury they don’t get a lot of. Coffee helps to stimulate individuals and stimulated individuals produce stimulated conversations and effective production. Once again we see here in this setting that the old historic routine of coffee and exchange of information is taking its place like it did back in the days of “penny universities” and the “School of the Wise.” In other words we are once again witnessing an event of socialization and coffee in one setting.

Coffee and Leisure Activities

Let’s face it. Drinking coffee to prepare us for school or work has been so engrained into our routines that we now not only see coffee as something we reach to receive energy, but also now something we reach for when we crave socialization. It seems that coffee has become a way to socialize in our free time and not just a chance at an energy boost. Coffee is something we reach for because it is delicious and it is something to do while we are socializing. I mean talking is fun, but talking and drinking something delicious is ten times more fun isn’t it? Coffee opens the gate way to indulge in pure sweet bliss while getting the time to catch up with friends and family. We are so accustomed to drinking coffee for the purpose of socialization in the school and work environment to the point that we often now feel like leisure socialization, is not complete with our cup of coffee. The versatility of coffee and the many ways it can be served to us make it even more fun. I mean for days when it’s incredibly cold and rainy, we crave something of warmth to keep us warm and cozy while catching up with friends. Why not reach for the cup of coffee to do the trick? And on days where it is blistering hot and we need something cold to cool us down, why not reach for a nice, refreshing iced coffee to do the trick? It seems the adaptability and versatility of coffee makes it the perfect item to have anytime you want to socialize and enjoy yourself. It is so common to see many coffee shops absolutely littered on the weekend with people bustling back and forth in upbeat conversation and coffee cups on their hands. Check out instagram or snapchat and I guarantee you will see at least one coffee cup frequent those social media apps. It’s once again history and tradition playing out. Coffee’s existence in our social lives and affairs has been a regular occurrence for so long that we are completely used to it. In fact, we are so used to it that energetic days of fun and leisure seem almost incomplete without a nice cup of coffee. These examples are just a few to give you the idea of just how normal it is for the world to associate coffee with social affairs and why we tend to do so.

Social Coffee Drinking Around the World

Don’t be mistaken at all! Coffee and social drinking is not just for Americans. The activity of consuming coffee and chatting up are normal and common routines for many countries and people around the world. Check out these quick, short fun facts to see just how common they are!

Coffee Consumption Worldwide

According to statisticians about 2.25 billion cups of coffee are consumed daily worldwide!

Coffee Popularity

Coffee is the most popular drink worldwide, with a staggering 400 billion cups consumed per year worldwide!

How Italians Do it!

Italians are no stranger to coffee and they make sure to incorporate this drink into their everyday routine. A typical Italian diet begins with a morning coffee and pastry with a cappuccino, caffe latte, or latte macchiato. After marching on through their mornings, Italians tend to reach for another cup of coffee as an afternoon energy shot or for a little something to hold their meal down. Espresso is usually enjoyed after dinner. It is usually consumed on one’s own time and not with meals. In Italy it is actually very common for people to frequent bars in search for coffee such as espressos as well as good laughs.

Coffee Vending Machines in Japan

Head on over to Japan and you will see that they actually really enjoy drinking their coffee iced and in cans! Coffee vending machines are very popular in Japan and it seems they become even more popular when they sell iced coffee in a convenient can. Japanese coffee vending machines are filled to the brim with a myriad of coffee brands ranging from all different types and flavors from double shots to vanilla to very milky iced lattes.

Top 5 Coffee Consuming Nations

The top 5 nations known for the most coffee consumption are USA, Russia, Italy, Japan, and France. The USA is the top leading nation of all nations in the world, that consume and produce coffee (quite crazy considering coffee wasn’t even a thing in America until the 1600’s).
Coffee is what!?

Coffee is actually the 2nd most consumed beverage in the entire world after water! (Yes you read that right. The world goes crazy over coffee, almost to the extent of water!)

There is no shadow of doubt that coffee is a craze that has taken the entire world by storm! It’s everywhere you go and has become a way to bring and unite people together. Coffee is surely an amazing beverage to behold for it has the power to bring smiles to faces, wake up bodies and minds, and keep the communication and social life between people as strong and as connected as ever. Who knew that small little coffee beans could be able to do that?

Flavors of Coffee

There is no denying it that after an extremely long and strenuous week that just never seems to end, nothing sounds better than a cup of Joe to start the day right. It just seems almost so mundane and too impossible to start a long and busy work or school day without it. Americans need their coffee. It’s the caffeine we crave to give us energy and we cannot deny it that the aromatic and unique smell of coffee is enough to motivate our tired bodies out of bed and ready to start the day. Americans love their coffee so much that it now has not only become our source of caffeine and energy boost, but rather a drink to have with friends, with family, out on a date, or for a night in where work or school is not rearing its ugly head on us. Coffee has become both equally a drink needed for those work days and a drink desired for on lazy or relaxing days. Drinking coffee is our favorite pastime. With that in mind, it’s of course no secret that with the popularity that coffee has brought, that people all over the world continue to expand their horizons by finding new ways to have coffee. With the increasing popularity of coffee, comes the increasing curiosity to produce new types of coffee, all different and unique as well as new flavors. Coffee has received an almighty “yes” from most of Americans because of its versatility. Each coffee can have unique flavors and be brewed in many different ways that make sure to satisfy Americans and keep them buying more. Today we explore the myriad of ways coffee can be served (and yes that includes the many mouthwatering flavors of coffee! Yum!).

Types of Coffee

I think one of the reasons why coffee is such a hit, not only among Americans, but people from all over the world, comes from the fact that coffee is so versatile. It is not a set drink that tastes the same all over the world wherever you go. Imagine if it was. If that was the case than surely the popularity of coffee and the world’s love for it would have extinguished a long, long time ago. This isn’t the case though and this stems from the fact that there are so many types of coffee and ways to drink your coffee. The way coffee is made, the duration it is made for, and what it is mixed with, are all factors that help produce and bring out different flavors for everyone to enjoy. We begin our spotlight on coffee by listing some of the many, many types of coffee that exists.


Ahhh. Let’s kick off our list of types of coffee with the good old fashioned and very simple espresso. Espresso is a type of coffee that is brewed by exerting a strong and small amount of hot, boiling water through finely ground coffee beans. This type of coffee is made with a lot of pressure being put on the boiling water to ensure that both the water and coffee beans mix well and blend nicely. Espresso is characterized as a bitter and rich flavor that should not under any means taste sour or burnt.


Ristretto is another very popular coffee. This type of coffee is basically considered to be a short espresso. It is made in the exact same way an espresso is made, but although the amount of coffee beans are the same, the extraction of the coffee is reduced by a half. In other words, only half of the espresso is extracted and not the full amount. With only half of the espresso being extracted, the ristretto actually carries a different flavor to that of an espresso. The flavor is characterized as being more full bodied and not as bitter as espresso.


Lattes are another type of coffee of the arrays of coffee to choose from. A latte is basically, in simple terms a coffee drink made of espresso and mixed with milk. It can sometimes be called a caffelatte which means milk coffee. Lattes are very delicious when mixed with other flavors such as vanilla, mocha, caramel, etc. They have creamier and sweeter tastes than plain espresso or ristretto, while still holding a pronounced espresso and coffee flavor.


Cappuccinos are yet another of the many wonderful types of coffee to try. They are Italian coffee drinks that have double the amount of espresso and are mixed with steamed milk that is foamed. Cappuccinos can be changed in variation depending on the place the cappuccino is bought in and can have the espresso mixed with creamer instead of milk. Some places tend to foam cappuccinos with very cool art designs that include hearts, smiley faces, or leaves along with a cinnamon or chocolate powder topping. A cappuccino can have a creamy and rich flavor that is accompanied by a very bold coffee flavor. They aren’t as sweet as the lattes due to the double espresso, but they nonetheless do pack a good caffeine punch along with a creamier and lighter flavor when compared to espressos and ristrettos.


To make coffees even more versatile (and pull in interest for people of all different preferences and tastes), coffee can not only vary by how they are made, but also by the flavors that can be added to it. Flavored coffees are known to add more diversity to the flavors that each type of coffee can bring and make them taste even yummier to drink. Flavored coffee can also serve as a nice reward or in place of a dessert as they can curb those sugar cravings! Here are some extremely popular coffee flavors that people all over the world enjoy!


Vanilla coffee is by far one of the most common coffee flavors out there and it is no surprise too. Coffee and vanilla just seem to be made for each other and other people know that. Coffee and vanilla can be combined in many different ways! For a more bitter or strong vanilla flavor, one could put a couple drops of vanilla extract into their coffee and mix with milk. For a more sweeter vanilla taste that is still strong, try putting in a good splash of vanilla creamer into your morning coffee. Iced or hot, the flavor will still be life changing! Check out this great vanilla coffee recipe from Taste of Home!


1/3 cup coffee(ground)
2 ½ cups milk (choose any milk you want! Soy, almond, or whole, it’s up to you!)
2 tbsps instant vanilla pudding (the mix)
¼ cup sugar
1 cup water


Place ground coffee in coffee filter and brew to your desire with water!
Combine sugar and vanilla mix in small bowl
Combine the dry mix into the coffee and add milk
Keep chill until ready to serve and voila!


For all my chocolate lovers this one is for you! Mocha is a great way to get that coffee you crave along with that insanely creamy and sweet taste of chocolate that you love so much. It’s so easy to make and there are so many versatile ways to incorporate your chocolate! You can buy finely ground mocha coffee from the store if you want. If you don’t have any mocha coffee than that’s fine! Throw in any chocolate you got from that old cocoa mix in your cabinet to those swiss hot chocolate mixes in your pantry. You can even try putting pieces of actual chocolate into your coffee to melt and enjoy it that way. There are so many fun ways to make mocha and any technique used will still yield the same delicious results. Need any help with how to get started? Check out this very yummy mocha recipe from bean box!


1 cup of brewed coffee
4 tbsps of a chocolate bar or cocoa powder(about ¼ cup)
½ cup of cream or milk (again any milk of your choosing!)


Brew your coffee to your desire!
Melt your chocolate into hot milk or with hot cream.
Stir the hot chocolate into your coffee!
Garnish and have fun! Put some whipped cream, mocha or chocolate shavings, cocoa powder or chocolate syrup for some serious chocolate fun!


Not going to lie, I was seriously excited about this one for the sole reason that I am a huge caramel fan! Caramel with its delicious sweet and rich flavor is so delicious by itself and on desserts. Imagine that same sweet and candy like flavor with some strong brewed coffee and you can see why I am absolutely obsessed. Caramel has the strong power to make your coffee taste like a candy drink made from heaven while still holding onto that aromatic coffee bean flavor. It’s seriously sweet and oh so addicting. Throw in some soft chewy caramel candies into your hot coffee and let the flavors drift you into bliss. Add some caramel sauce or creamer from your local supermarket or buy finely ground coffee with the caramel flavor already in there. Whichever way you decide to go with it you won’t regret it! Try out this fun iced caramel flavored coffee recipe from Annacia (and yes I said iced because summer is here and iced coffee never sounded better than it does right now!).


1 ½ cup strong brewed coffee
¼ cup caramel sauce
2-3 tbsps sugar (or more or less depending on your taste preferences)
Ice cubes (because you can’t have iced coffee without ice!)
1 ½ cup milk of your choice (or creamer if you prefer)
Some fun garnishes such as more caramel sauce, cinnamon, whipped cream and more!


Brew your coffee to your desire.
Mix the hot coffee with the sugar and caramel immediately.
Pour in a cup with ice cubes and follow up with milk or creamer.
Enjoy adding your garnishes and take lots of cute instagram pics.


Calling all nut gals! If you are a fan of nuts ranging from peanut butter, praline, walnuts, almonds, cashews and love the good ole’ hazelnut, than you will love this! Strong brewed coffee mixed with the luscious, nutty, and velvety sweet taste of hazelnuts makes this a good flavored coffee that you don’t want to miss out on. You can be old fashion and grind your coffee and nuts together (for days where you seriously feel like being an overachiever) or you can be a little lazy and go for store bought coffee grinds with hazelnut flavoring in them (or buy the creamer, that’s good too!). Don’t have any hazelnut creamer or coffee? Hazelnut syrup will work just fine. Any way you choose to go, you will still end up with a seriously nutty and strong coffee! Try making this hazelnut iced coffee!


1 ½ tsp hazelnut syrup
4 tbsps cold milk or creamer of your choice
1 cup of strongly brewed coffee
1 ½ cups of ice
Garnish of your liking!


Brew coffee beans to your desire!
Add hazelnut syrup!
Add milk and creamer of choice!
Add ice!
Garnish and enjoy! (Yeah I know it’s that easy!)

From vanilla to hazelnut or from espresso to cappuccino, it is safe to say that your coffee will never bore you! Switch up your coffee routines and get adventurous! Try new coffee beans, check out fun espresso art on instagram, post pictures of your beautiful coffee creations, and check out new coffee flavors that you’ve never tried before. Coffee is never boring when you switch it up and play around. It’s versatile and delicious. Make life interesting and start your day right with a cup of Joe or a nice iced coffee tailored to your every taste and preference, and you will realize that early work mornings were never this good to you.