A Cuppa Day: Bowery Coffee is There!

Ahh coffee, the luxurious go to drink for the mornings when you are in a rush, but your mind, body, and soul feel extremely slow. It’s no secret that coffee is the holy grail drink that gets more than half of America up and out of the bed and ready to start their day. I’m not going to lie myself. Coffee in the morning was always what made my days a little more happier to start with. Knowing that I would have the trusty, sweet, caffeine drink by my side to boost my energy levels and send a smile on my face, was all I needed to get my tired self up and out of the bed. This is the case for many Americans. Coffee is the constant in our life where everything is always changing. Friends change, houses change, jobs change, but coffee remains constant and America loves their cup of joe for that reason! No matter what life throws at you coffee is there, ready to soothe the anxiety or stress that accompanies it. Why does it do that? What is so great about that daily cup of coffee that has America reaching for more?

Benefits of Coffee

Well for starters, maybe one of the reasons why so many people reach for coffee almost every morning, may have to do with the many benefits that coffee can give! Check it out!

1.Coffee can boost some serious performance! Drink black coffee an hour before, and see the 11-12% increase in energy levels! This is due to the fact that caffeine increases adrenaline levels in the body which is your body’s fight or flight response. This response helps prepare your body for high levels of exertion.

2.Coffee may also be a preventative measure against certain types of cancer. A study has shown that drinking coffee can decrease the risk of prostate cancer in men by 20% and endometrial cancer in women by 25%. Caffeine may also be linked to the prevention of the development of basal cell carcinoma (a common type of skin cancer).

3.Coffee can literally make you a much happier person! Coffee has been linked to stimulating the central nervous system and boosting the production of certain neurotransmitters. These neurotransmitters are known as serotonin, dopamine, and noradrenaline, all of which elevate your mood! Drinking around two cups of coffee a day can also lower the risk of suicide by 50%!

4.This potent, delicious drink may also be linked to cleaner arteries. The medical journal Heart published an experiment in which 25,000 people drank 3-5 cups of coffee regularly. The results of the study showed that those who drank coffee were less prone to having calcium deposits in their arteries than those who didn’t drink coffee.

5.A study done and published from the Journal of Pain in March, 2007 stated that coffee can cut post workout pain by up to 48%.

6.Korean researchers did a study in which they found out that those who drank 3-5 cups of coffee a day were less likely to show early signs of heart disease than those who drank no coffee.

7.Based on more than 15 published studies, it seems to be a common agreement that coffee drinking can actually help to prevent diabetes. In multiple studies of around 193,000 participants, it was stated that those who drank around 6-7 cups daily were 35% less likely to have type 2 diabetes than those who drank 2 or fewer cups of coffee a day. An Australian study even added that after observing over 18 different studies with 458,000 people, there was a 7% drop in the risk of type 2 diabetes for every additional cup of coffee that is consumed daily.

Common Coffee Myths Debunked

Coffee Dehydrates You

It seems to be a common mindset that coffee is for sure one drink that dehydrates you constantly which is why people drink water every time they consume coffee. It seems to be the notion that drinking coffee, makes you pee, and peeing makes you lose water and hydration? Right? Actually, wrong. Coffee itself has a lot of water in it. A lot of coffee is normally made up of a lot of water as well and this water definitely counts towards hydrating the body and becoming a part of your daily hydration. A study published in PLOS ONE actually stated that three cups of coffee daily, is equivalent to three cups of water daily. The diuretic effect of caffeine in coffee is very slight and your body builds tolerance to this side effect quite quickly.

Coffee Stunts Your Growth

You can blame this total myth on a brand known as Postum. Postum was a coffee alternative that attempted to take out their coffee competitors by branding all their campaigns with the silly notion that coffee would have profound stunting effects on a child’s growth. This myth worked its wonders for a while on people. The bottom line is that there have been numerous studies done to try to prove whether this is true and to this day there seems to be no evidence linking coffee to a stunt in growth. In addition there are no studies that caffeine further more affects bone health in any disastrous way and for that reason we shouldn’t listen to everything we hear from campaigns. Especially a campaign that comes from a coffee alternative made of wheat bran, molasses, and wheat. We could see why they would have a little bit of a hard time selling their product.

Mid-Afternoon Coffee Causes Insomnia

There seems to be quite a lot of fuss over the idea that a coffee around 3 PM will most definitely be the reason as to why you can’t find it within yourself to go to sleep. In reality, your liver and body actually process coffee at an extremely alarming rate of about 4-7 hours. Drink your coffee in the afternoon and don’t worry. The after effects of that caffeine will most definitely be gone by the time you are ready to hit the hay.

Decaf Means Caffeine Free

It is extremely popular for people to believe that decaffeinated coffee is in fact coffee with no caffeine whatsoever. You often heard people say in coffee shop lines that they need their sleep so they will be ordering the decaf instead. Think again my friend. There is actually no way for a cup of coffee to be 100% and completely devoid of caffeine. A decaf coffee is actually just coffee with 10-20% less caffeine than the average cup. Combine about 4 cups of decaf coffee and you practically accumulated enough caffeine in your system that you would get from a normal drip coffee.

Yummy Coffee Shops to Check Out!

Coffee shops are a major hit all over the world! People everywhere look to a nice and fresh cup of joe to get them started in the morning. Whether that cup of joe comes from their own coffee machine or from the barista at the coffee shop a couple blocks away, check out these crazy, cool coffee shops that are making headlines all over the world!

Kaffeine in London, England

Try out Kaffeine’s coffee flight! This coffee drink has a serious and unique caffeine punch to it for sure! This coffee drink includes a single shot of espresso, a single shot of cappuchino, and a cold brew cascara refresher all in one! Other than this one of a kind drink, the expertise behind being a Kaffeine barista shows in the requirements they must meet to work there! All Kaffeine baristas must have at least 3 years of training under their belt before they can work behind the counter to show off the cool latte art and coffee making skills they have learned!

Coffee Supreme in Auckland, New Zealand

This coffee shop brings coffee to a whole new level. They are the coffee shop known globally for being the only coffee shop- yes I said that right – the only coffee shop where you can enjoy soda syrup blended with coffee! You can try your hand at many different coffee flavors and even add sparkling water or milk to your coffee! How cool is that!? In addition try their delicious scones and you will easily see why this coffee shop has gained some serious attention and popularity.

Coffee Collective in Copenhagen, Denmark

Coffee collective is another coffee shop that you should definitely try should you ever find yourself in the city of Copenhagen. This coffee shop has built itself quite the reputation with their extremely aesthetically pleasing and extremely charming set up. This coffee shop is well known for their classic set coffee drink. This coffee drink includes a shot of espresso that is served with a traditional style cappuccino. Their coffee is truly fresh and unique and they totally express that on their website. You can check out their website to get information about the farmers who put in a lot of care to grow the fresh coffee beans that this shop uses for their extremely in demand drinks!

3FE in Dublin, Ireland

The vibe of 3FE is definitely not like any other. The overall vibe and mood of the coffee shop can only be described as serene and quiet. The perfect place to get some studying or work done, or have a calm and quiet conversation with friends or family! One very original thing about this particular coffee shop is the fact that they offer the coffee trio! The coffee trio is an order in which you try 3FE’s coffee beans in three different ways – espresso, espresso with milk, and as filter coffee. Trying out this coffee trio will truly make you a regular at this coffee shop if you happen to live nearby!

Verve Coffee Roasters in Los Angeles, California

The total hipster coffee shop of the century. Take a trip to this coffee shop and see what all the younger kids are talking about all over their social media, with this super Tumblr and popular coffee shop. The shop is home to tiled floors, gorgeous patios, and extremely good espresso drinks with pour over coffees. Not feeling the coffee either iced or hot? No problem, this is Los Angeles, so this shop has got you covered with a seriously cool rainbow collection of rainbow pressed juices to sip from and refresh on a hot LA day.

Karabatak in Istanbul, Turkey

This coffee shop is home to beautiful and unique Turkish coffee. A coffee prepared by boiling finely powdered roast coffee beans in a pot. You then put the contents into a heaping spoonful of sugar, and then let the dregs sit in a cup. This cool coffee method is best experienced at Karabatak where you can enjoy the different flavors of Turkish coffee while soaking in a Mediterranean atmosphere coupled with super cool mismatched vintage furniture. If you aren’t a big fan of the Turkish coffee, than no worries, this coffee shop has got you covered with some popular Western coffee drinks that can be served up as well.

It’s no joke at all when it comes to how serious coffee is to us. Hopefully this article expanded your horizons and made you see how important a cuppa coffee is to many people around the world. There is a lot to admire about coffee from the numerous benefits it offers, to the varieties and ways we can enjoy this coffee as well as to the way it can bring people together and bring out their own individuality. Coffee definitely has some potent abilities to make everyday seem a little more brighter, a little less stressful, and a lot more easier to tackle and we thank this heavenly drink for that! Don’t see what I’m talking about? Order some bowery coffee or head off to one of the coffee shops I’ve mentioned and see what all the fuss is about!

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