Flavors of Coffee

There is no denying it that after an extremely long and strenuous week that just never seems to end, nothing sounds better than a cup of Joe to start the day right. It just seems almost so mundane and too impossible to start a long and busy work or school day without it. Americans need their coffee. It’s the caffeine we crave to give us energy and we cannot deny it that the aromatic and unique smell of coffee is enough to motivate our tired bodies out of bed and ready to start the day. Americans love their coffee so much that it now has not only become our source of caffeine and energy boost, but rather a drink to have with friends, with family, out on a date, or for a night in where work or school is not rearing its ugly head on us. Coffee has become both equally a drink needed for those work days and a drink desired for on lazy or relaxing days. Drinking coffee is our favorite pastime. With that in mind, it’s of course no secret that with the popularity that coffee has brought, that people all over the world continue to expand their horizons by finding new ways to have coffee. With the increasing popularity of coffee, comes the increasing curiosity to produce new types of coffee, all different and unique as well as new flavors. Coffee has received an almighty “yes” from most of Americans because of its versatility. Each coffee can have unique flavors and be brewed in many different ways that make sure to satisfy Americans and keep them buying more. Today we explore the myriad of ways coffee can be served (and yes that includes the many mouthwatering flavors of coffee! Yum!).

Types of Coffee

I think one of the reasons why coffee is such a hit, not only among Americans, but people from all over the world, comes from the fact that coffee is so versatile. It is not a set drink that tastes the same all over the world wherever you go. Imagine if it was. If that was the case than surely the popularity of coffee and the world’s love for it would have extinguished a long, long time ago. This isn’t the case though and this stems from the fact that there are so many types of coffee and ways to drink your coffee. The way coffee is made, the duration it is made for, and what it is mixed with, are all factors that help produce and bring out different flavors for everyone to enjoy. We begin our spotlight on coffee by listing some of the many, many types of coffee that exists.


Ahhh. Let’s kick off our list of types of coffee with the good old fashioned and very simple espresso. Espresso is a type of coffee that is brewed by exerting a strong and small amount of hot, boiling water through finely ground coffee beans. This type of coffee is made with a lot of pressure being put on the boiling water to ensure that both the water and coffee beans mix well and blend nicely. Espresso is characterized as a bitter and rich flavor that should not under any means taste sour or burnt.



Ristretto is another very popular coffee. This type of coffee is basically considered to be a short espresso. It is made in the exact same way an espresso is made, but although the amount of coffee beans are the same, the extraction of the coffee is reduced by a half. In other words, only half of the espresso is extracted and not the full amount. With only half of the espresso being extracted, the ristretto actually carries a different flavor to that of an espresso. The flavor is characterized as being more full bodied and not as bitter as espresso.


Lattes are another type of coffee of the arrays of coffee to choose from. A latte is basically, in simple terms a coffee drink made of espresso and mixed with milk. It can sometimes be called a caffelatte which means milk coffee. Lattes are very delicious when mixed with other flavors such as vanilla, mocha, caramel, etc. They have creamier and sweeter tastes than plain espresso or ristretto, while still holding a pronounced espresso and coffee flavor.


Cappuccinos are yet another of the many wonderful types of coffee to try. They are Italian coffee drinks that have double the amount of espresso and are mixed with steamed milk that is foamed. Cappuccinos can be changed in variation depending on the place the cappuccino is bought in and can have the espresso mixed with creamer instead of milk. Some places tend to foam cappuccinos with very cool art designs that include hearts, smiley faces, or leaves along with a cinnamon or chocolate powder topping. A cappuccino can have a creamy and rich flavor that is accompanied by a very bold coffee flavor. They aren’t as sweet as the lattes due to the double espresso, but they nonetheless do pack a good caffeine punch along with a creamier and lighter flavor when compared to espressos and ristrettos.


To make coffees even more versatile (and pull in interest for people of all different preferences and tastes), coffee can not only vary by how they are made, but also by the flavors that can be added to it. Flavored coffees are known to add more diversity to the flavors that each type of coffee can bring and make them taste even yummier to drink. Flavored coffee can also serve as a nice reward or in place of a dessert as they can curb those sugar cravings! Here are some extremely popular coffee flavors that people all over the world enjoy!


Vanilla coffee is by far one of the most common coffee flavors out there and it is no surprise too. Coffee and vanilla just seem to be made for each other and other people know that. Coffee and vanilla can be combined in many different ways! For a more bitter or strong vanilla flavor, one could put a couple drops of vanilla extract into their coffee and mix with milk. For a more sweeter vanilla taste that is still strong, try putting in a good splash of vanilla creamer into your morning coffee. Iced or hot, the flavor will still be life changing! Check out this great vanilla coffee recipe from Taste of Home!


1/3 cup coffee(ground)
2 ½ cups milk (choose any milk you want! Soy, almond, or whole, it’s up to you!)
2 tbsps instant vanilla pudding (the mix)
¼ cup sugar
1 cup water


Place ground coffee in coffee filter and brew to your desire with water!
Combine sugar and vanilla mix in small bowl
Combine the dry mix into the coffee and add milk
Keep chill until ready to serve and voila!


For all my chocolate lovers this one is for you! Mocha is a great way to get that coffee you crave along with that insanely creamy and sweet taste of chocolate that you love so much. It’s so easy to make and there are so many versatile ways to incorporate your chocolate! You can buy finely ground mocha coffee from the store if you want. If you don’t have any mocha coffee than that’s fine! Throw in any chocolate you got from that old cocoa mix in your cabinet to those swiss hot chocolate mixes in your pantry. You can even try putting pieces of actual chocolate into your coffee to melt and enjoy it that way. There are so many fun ways to make mocha and any technique used will still yield the same delicious results. Need any help with how to get started? Check out this very yummy mocha recipe from bean box!


1 cup of brewed coffee
4 tbsps of a chocolate bar or cocoa powder(about ¼ cup)
½ cup of cream or milk (again any milk of your choosing!)


Brew your coffee to your desire!
Melt your chocolate into hot milk or with hot cream.
Stir the hot chocolate into your coffee!
Garnish and have fun! Put some whipped cream, mocha or chocolate shavings, cocoa powder or chocolate syrup for some serious chocolate fun!


Not going to lie, I was seriously excited about this one for the sole reason that I am a huge caramel fan! Caramel with its delicious sweet and rich flavor is so delicious by itself and on desserts. Imagine that same sweet and candy like flavor with some strong brewed coffee and you can see why I am absolutely obsessed. Caramel has the strong power to make your coffee taste like a candy drink made from heaven while still holding onto that aromatic coffee bean flavor. It’s seriously sweet and oh so addicting. Throw in some soft chewy caramel candies into your hot coffee and let the flavors drift you into bliss. Add some caramel sauce or creamer from your local supermarket or buy finely ground coffee with the caramel flavor already in there. Whichever way you decide to go with it you won’t regret it! Try out this fun iced caramel flavored coffee recipe from Annacia (and yes I said iced because summer is here and iced coffee never sounded better than it does right now!).


1 ½ cup strong brewed coffee
¼ cup caramel sauce
2-3 tbsps sugar (or more or less depending on your taste preferences)
Ice cubes (because you can’t have iced coffee without ice!)
1 ½ cup milk of your choice (or creamer if you prefer)
Some fun garnishes such as more caramel sauce, cinnamon, whipped cream and more!


Brew your coffee to your desire.
Mix the hot coffee with the sugar and caramel immediately.
Pour in a cup with ice cubes and follow up with milk or creamer.
Enjoy adding your garnishes and take lots of cute instagram pics.


Calling all nut gals! If you are a fan of nuts ranging from peanut butter, praline, walnuts, almonds, cashews and love the good ole’ hazelnut, than you will love this! Strong brewed coffee mixed with the luscious, nutty, and velvety sweet taste of hazelnuts makes this a good flavored coffee that you don’t want to miss out on. You can be old fashion and grind your coffee and nuts together (for days where you seriously feel like being an overachiever) or you can be a little lazy and go for store bought coffee grinds with hazelnut flavoring in them (or buy the creamer, that’s good too!). Don’t have any hazelnut creamer or coffee? Hazelnut syrup will work just fine. Any way you choose to go, you will still end up with a seriously nutty and strong coffee! Try making this hazelnut iced coffee!


1 ½ tsp hazelnut syrup
4 tbsps cold milk or creamer of your choice
1 cup of strongly brewed coffee
1 ½ cups of ice
Garnish of your liking!


Brew coffee beans to your desire!
Add hazelnut syrup!
Add milk and creamer of choice!
Add ice!
Garnish and enjoy! (Yeah I know it’s that easy!)

From vanilla to hazelnut or from espresso to cappuccino, it is safe to say that your coffee will never bore you! Switch up your coffee routines and get adventurous! Try new coffee beans, check out fun espresso art on instagram, post pictures of your beautiful coffee creations, and check out new coffee flavors that you’ve never tried before. Coffee is never boring when you switch it up and play around. It’s versatile and delicious. Make life interesting and start your day right with a cup of Joe or a nice iced coffee tailored to your every taste and preference, and you will realize that early work mornings were never this good to you.

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