Guide to Finding a Quality Coffee Machine

It isn’t wrong to be picky about the coffee you choose to drink on the daily. Coffee comes in so many variations and methods of production, that are all crafted with the concept of creating that rich cup for every individual preference out there. Let’s be honest here. When coffee is good, it is really good. When coffee is made bad than it is really bad. You can try all you want to force yourself to enjoy it but at the end of the day, if you don’t pay attention to how you are making your coffee or what supplies you are utilizing, then you are practically hopeless at trying to replicate the same java experience that you often find in your favorite cafes or restaurants. No need to fear. If you feel as if your daily homemade coffee is seriously lacking than maybe it is time to check out this article and see the many different tips and tricks that you need to understand when it comes to buying the perfect machinery for your own cup of joe! By doing so, you are only helping yourself get closer to achieving that one cup of coffee perfection that you have been waiting for!

The Lowdown on All Things Coffee Machines















Know What You Want in Your Own Coffee

Before you delve into all the endless options you have for a coffee machine (and make yourself feel incredibly overwhelmed), it is first extremely important that you narrow down what you are looking for in your own coffee. Are you looking for straight-shot espressos? Lattes? Cappuccinos? Or really just any form of hot coffee that you can dress up yourself with your own creamer? Are you willing to put in extra time to make a good cup of coffee or do you need a caffeine boost produced as quick as possible? It is important that you really ask yourself these questions and get to the bottom of what you know you are looking for in a cup of coffee, so that you can greatly narrow down your search of coffee makers. For example, people who may be looking for espressos and fancy lattes, may find that an espresso machine works best for you. They are definitely way more on the pricier side, but if you consider yourself a coffee connoisseur and want a cup of coffee that packs a punch and creates fancy variations than maybe it is worth it to spend that extra money! Yet, keep in mind that with an espresso machine, it may take a longer time to create your own cup of coffee, if you prefer steamed milk or you like large amounts of coffee at once. Since espresso is a much more concentrated coffee type, it typically involves a much smaller amount of coffee than the average. It does not do cup or pots, so if you see yourself as a person who needs a lot of coffee (or you love to make coffee for many), then this may not be the machine for you! Maybe you do not like heavily concentrated coffee and are looking for a type of coffee that is lighter, pairs more with creamers, and takes less time and money. In this case, investing in a Keurig may be the option for you! The bottom line is, everyone’s coffee needs are different and since coffee machines come with a variety of different methods and ways to create aromatic coffee flavors, it is wise that you really get down to the details.
Some questions you should ask yourself include…
● Do you think you need single serve coffee machines or machines that can produce a lot of coffee?
● Are you looking for plain coffee or fancier coffee options like lattes, cappuccinos, and macchiatos?
● How much money are you willing to spend?
● How much time can you delegate (or do you want to delegate) to making your cup of joe?
● Do you prefer pods or loose coffee beans that you measure out and pour?
● Do you want your coffee making method to utilize electricity?
● How much quantity of coffee do you want in a single serving of coffee?
● How much do you care about the quality of coffee you make at home? Are you picky?

Asking yourself these simple questions can be a great way in understanding what you are expecting from not only your cup of coffee, but your coffee maker, thus making the process of buying a coffee maker much easier and efficient for you! No one wants to splurge a lot of money on a coffee maker only to find out that it doesn’t meet your expectations. Therefore, check out these extra features that many coffee makers have and see if these are features that you want in your own coffee maker.

Program Settings















The program settings relate to how you expect your coffee to be made. There are actually coffee makers that can be programmed the night before at a certain time so that when you wake up and get ready in the morning, your coffee is already ready to go when you are! This works great for people who find their mornings to be incredibly hectic and do not have the extra time to spend on crafting the cup of coffee that they need. You can even program your coffee maker to make a certain amount of coffee in the morning as well. If this is something that interests you then be sure that when finding your own quality coffee maker, you are sure to read up on the extra specs to see if this setting is included or not!

Multiple Warmers

If you are possibly investing in a coffee maker for a very large family, see yourself making coffee when entertaining guests frequently, or you want to invest in a coffee maker for the office or other commercial settings, then the concept of having multiple warmers may be what you are looking for! Multiple warmers within a single coffee maker, allow you to keep many pots of coffee warm at the same time. This is especially perfect, if you are the type of person who drinks more than one cup of coffee per day. In this way, you are able to brew one batch of coffee in the morning and have it ready to drink hot as you go about your day!
















If you love milk in your coffee and especially love the taste of frothy and foamy milk that you often get at your favorite coffee shop than purchasing a steamer/frothier with your coffee maker may be a very good idea. By doing so, you can get that perfect cup of coffee that you enjoy at your local coffee shop, in the comfort of your own home (without the hefty price). A good majority of espresso machines nowadays come with steamers or brothers (even those that are on the cheaper side). Since steamed milk is often accompanied and enjoyed with espresso as opposed to regular brewed coffee, then this could signal to you that you are looking for an espresso machine as opposed to a regular coffee maker. If you prefer black coffee though, then this feature may not be that important to you (and can save you big bucks) when you are researching the right coffee maker to purchase.


I had never known that this feature existed and had I known previously, I probably would have purchased a coffee maker that had this specific quality. It is exactly what it sounds like and basically refers to a coffee maker being able shut itself off if it has been running for a certain amount of time. This is such a helpful feature for those who are often very forgetful when it comes to things like that or just have a lot to do in the mornings to the point that the thought of turning off their coffee maker just never occurs to them. If this is the case for you, then having an automatic shutoff is a great solution so that you can still be sure your coffee maker doesn’t run all day (and eventually break down)!

Built-in Grinders















Another feature to consider before choosing the best coffee maker to fit your coffee needs, is the built-in feature of coffee grinders. Many coffees experts state that the best coffee comes from beans that have been freshly ground as opposed to buying coffee beans from the store that have already been ground up. There is a large science behind this, but the bottom line is that coffee beans that have been ground up immediately and then used to make coffee, tends to produce the freshest quality coffee that you can get. If you really aim for quality fresh coffee, then you may want to consider a built-in grinder. You can also purchase a grinder separately from your coffee maker purchase, but doing so will probably take up more counter space and cause you to spend more money than you need to. By purchasing a coffee maker that already has a grinder built into it, you simply just need to buy whole coffee beans, pour them into your grinder, and let your coffee maker do the rest of the work. In the end, you don’t need to put in more work and your coffee will taste fresher than ever!

Water Filter

Some coffee makers can also come with water filters. This allows you to use tap water as a way to make your coffee, while also removing all the impurities from the water that can alter the taste of the coffee. Water comes in all sorts of types and these types can actually greatly affect the way your coffee tastes. If you use tap most of the time, do not have a refrigerator, separate water filter, etc. then you should probably think about looking for a coffee maker that has a water filter in it! That way the flavor of your coffee still tastes great no matter what!

The Most Popular Coffee Makers Out There

Sometimes when people make purchases, they often find it easier to understand what is the best out there when it comes to whatever product they are buying and why. Some people enjoy buying the best of the best and often consider it a worthy investment! If you are someone who prefers to purchase your coffee maker based off of what is considered to be highly reputable and well known then look no further for, I will give you a little list of some of the most popular coffee makers on the market right now!

Mr. Coffee Optimal Brew

It is often regarded as the best keep-it-hot coffee maker out there. It is known to be for those coffee maker lovers who tend to refill their coffee about three to four times in a day and expect their coffee to stay hot no matter what. The carafe is thermal insulated, which means that regardless of whether this coffee carafe is sitting in your coffee machine or on your pot, you can still expect very hot and fresh coffee for you all day long! The coffee machine comes with a removable water reservoir and has programmable settings that allow you to set what time you want your coffee to brew and what type of coffee you prefer it to brew! A wonderful coffee machine for sure!

Bunn Single Cup My Cafe MCU

For any of you who expect your coffee to be brewed and ready to go at the minute, I highly recommend looking into this coffee maker. The device is known to be one of the most versatile coffee makers out there and it can handle many different types of coffee including teas! K-cups, coffee pods, coffee grinds, loose tea, and more are absolutely no problem for this coffee maker! If you are one who likes to switch up your coffee often, then this product may be what you are looking for. The best part is that it brews anything under one minute! If you need quick and convenient then this may be what you need.

DeLong BCO430

If you are someone who likes regular coffee sometimes, but then also feel as if you need an espresso kick with a latte or cappuccino, then maybe you should definitely look into this coffee maker. It is essentially a coffee maker meets espresso machine. You no longer have to spend hefty money to buy separate coffee makers or choose between buying a coffee maker versus an espresso maker. You can have both and pay a reasonable price for it. This coffee maker has two reservoirs so that you are able to make your coffee and espresso separately and even comes with a milk frothier to make delicious cappuccinos and lattes!















Through reading this article you should now have a fairly good idea of what you look for in coffee maker. You at least have reached the stage of thinking heavily about what you want and expect from your machine and now that some knowledge has been imparted to you about the various features and makers to consider, I would say you are good to go on doing some research to find exactly what you need to satisfy all your coffee desires.

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