Incredible Tasty Fresh Roasted Coffee: Bowery Coffee

Fresh roasted coffee is enigmatic. The smells and aromas that permeate in the air after a batch of coffee beans has just been brewed, is a smell that one can never forget. Hints of other flavors can infiltrate the air such as vanilla, cinnamon, caramel, hazelnut, and many more, making coffee a perfect and irresistible drink to have on the daily. What makes coffee so addicting? What makes coffee a drink that everyone can sip and enjoy together? What is it about tasty fresh roasted coffee that makes us want more and more? In this article we explore into great detail the many aspects, varieties, and flavors that coffee can come in, making it the perfect treat for everybody’s taste buds to enjoy no matter the occasion. When diving into what makes coffee so enigmatic and easy to obsess over we must first look into the many bold flavors of coffee.

Flavored Coffee Variety

Perhaps the obsession with coffee can be found in the fact that coffee can come in so many versatile flavors for everyone to enjoy. Take for example, the brand of coffee known as Bowery Coffee. The popularity behind this coffee can probably be found in the fact that this coffee doesn’t just come in one boring flavor for people to consume, rather a collection of different flavors for everyone to enjoy. The flavors of Bowery coffee come in varieties such as original, dirty chai, toasted caramel, cacao, and tahitian vanilla. All of these flavors offer distinct notes and tastes that differ from one another, yet they share one similar note and that is the unmistakable taste of fresh delicious coffee that may either be very subtle or very strong. Some other coffee flavors include mocha, hazelnut, vanilla, cinnamon, french vanilla, almond, etc. as well as some super crazy and unique flavors such as apricot, apple, blueberry, cherry, mint, brownie, almond and more. The whole point behind listing all of these flavors is to show that coffee doesn’t have to be boring. It doesn’t have to be something redundant and mundane rather something versatile that changes when you do! With hundreds of great tasting flavors to try and enjoy, coffee becomes a top favorite among so many as there is always a flavor that is sure to satisfy everybody’s needs and preferences. It always seems that new always tastes better to us and maybe that’s why every cup of coffee tastes incredible and fresh!

Hot or Cold?

Upon deeper analysis into the makeup and science behind coffee, we can find that in addition to coffee’s myriad of flavors, we can also see another reason as to why coffee is such a hit! This would probably have to do with the amazing reason that coffee doesn’t have to just be served hot! Coffee is so versatile that its flavor doesn’t just have to be enjoyed on those cold mornings when you need something to warm you up. Sometimes you still crave coffee when the heat is running rampant and water just doesn’t seem to be keeping you satisfied anymore. That’s why iced coffee has become incredibly popular (especially in the intense heat of Southern California) for people to enjoy. It’s sweet, makes you happy, gives you energy, and is refreshing! I mean what else could you want from a drink? The versatility of coffee to adapt and be enjoyed no matter the seasons or temperature, is another reason as to why everyone loves to sip on a good cup of coffee!

Coffee Making Methods & Finding the Right Coffee for You!

One who is well versed on the art of making coffee knows very well that the methods of making coffee affect the actual taste of coffee. A coffee’s taste is affected by many factors such as the amount of water used, the amount of coffee beans, the type of coffee beans, the coffee machine that is used, the type of milk and creamer being implemented and so on and so forth! So many factors influence coffee that coffee doesn’t adhere to one type of flavor. For people who have not developed strong or bold palates to coffee, lattes and macchiatos are very helpful in providing the perfect sweet taste to the bitter taste of coffee. For those who love a strong and black taste, espresso, ristretto, or cappuccinos are the perfect go to drink. I think the fact that coffee has so much to offer is what makes it so appealing to people who even swear by the fact that they hate coffee. People can’t really hate coffee because coffee is so versatile that they can’t possibly have tried it all. The reason people dislike coffee is because they haven’t found the method or flavor that has made the earth move for them. Luckily the fun in drinking coffee is experimenting with all the different methods, flavors, creamers, and milks to find the perfect drink that fits your individual tastes and is tailored perfectly for you and only you! Don’t be a scaredy cat when it comes to coffee. If you are one of those people who swear that you dislike coffee, give it another go! Do your research and mess around until you found the flavor that suits you perfectly, because I guarantee you it is 100% there, you just have to look hard and well for it! Sometimes asking your local barista is a good way to start. Learn what you don’t like and understand what you do like and work on it from there. I know for a fact that once you’ve found your own niche when it comes to consuming coffee, you will never ever say the words “coffee” and “dislike” in the same sentence again!

The Science Behind the Addicting Smell of Coffee

Probably one of the most appetizing and mouthwatering things about coffee, is not just the taste, but the smell of coffee itself. There is something so addicting and captivating about the smell of coffee that instantly brings a rush of positive emotions to us –elation, satisfaction, happiness, calm, and collectedness. Why is that? Why do we feel such things when smelling those rich and roasted coffee beans? Well it seems as if there is actually a whole science behind it, that we have never even thought about! Probably the most aromatic component of coffee is the caffeine aspect of it. Coffee’s caffeine smell triggers dopamine release in our brain, which is a hormone responsible for making us excited and happy. The human brain has a list of smells that are considered to be attractive and appealing to us and it appears that coffee has the potency to actually hit upon all of these attractive smells at once. When coffee beans are roasting and heating, this constant churning causes alterations to be made to the structure of the coffee beans. This alteration causes caramelization and fruity smells to emit into the air. The aroma of coffee can hit upon all different and unique scents that are pleasant to the human brain such as spicy, fruity, floral, and smoky. Phenols are one chemical compound responsible for the earthy and smoky smell coffee has. Phenols are what create the bitterness that one finds in coffee when you taste. Another compound within coffee that contributes to its wondrous smell is Hydroxymethylfurfural or HMF. This compound is what gives coffee the aromatic smell similar to caramel, that is oh so sweet and simply too irresistible to not sniff. It also has been said that eight genes are responsible for your affinity and natural liking to caffeine. Maybe next time when you smell the amazing smell of coffee and just can’t get yourself to stop, you will know that it’s not your fault, it’s your genes fault instead!

Tips for the Perfect Cup of Joe!

1.Make sure your coffee beans are fresh! A delicious and enticing coffee starts with fresh coffee beans that are ready to roast. Store any opened canned coffee beans in airtight containers to contain the freshness. Failure to do so, will result in stale coffee beans that won’t make such a good coffee! Don’t ever freeze your coffee beans!

2.Know where your coffee is coming from! Keeping an eye out on where your beans come from entirely will help you understand whether you have made the correct investment into a good container of coffee beans. Cheap coffee brands that don’t sell 100% Arabica beans are known to have very nasty and harsh notes associated with their coffee that can turn any coffee experience into a nightmare. For that reason it is important to look out for brands that are 100% pure Arabica beans. Be aware of popular regions that have the best coffee beans, for an overall amazing coffee drinking experience.

3.This tip may sound actually crazy, but it is pretty logical once you think about it! Be sure that when brewing your coffee, you are using the best water out there! Sounds weird right? But it is so true! Just like water can taste bad on its own, bad water can make even good coffee taste bad! Try to stay away from distilled or softened water. The minerals in water are essential for the overall taste of your coffee. Perhaps maybe the best water to use would be filtered water! Keep a pitcher of filtered water in the refrigerator so that you are ready to use it in the morning.

4.Making the perfect cup of joe begins with knowing the exact measurements of coffee. When it comes to coffee you have to be absolutely detailed and distinct about the exact measure of your coffee and how much coffee beans you are using. Exact measurements are essential to making your coffee the best that it can be. Baristas recommend that you should always measure your coffee with a scale rather than a spoon. Baristas swear that both methods of measurement yields different tastes in coffee!

5.Clean your coffeemaker often! Seems like a step that is practically common sense, but you would be surprised with how much it is overlooked. Coffee beans carry oil with them that is left behind after you roast and brew them. Failure to wash your coffee pot everyday means that the oil from the coffee beans gets left behind, and this is something you want to avoid. Oil leftover in your coffee pot will affect the flavor of the next batches of coffee that you decide to make. Over time your coffee will taste burnt from all the oil that is leftover and you certainly do not want that!

Top Coffee Beans to Try!

-Arabica beans from Mexico
-Roast Espresso Beans from Italy
-Yiracheffa Beans from Ethiopia
-Peaberry Beans from Tanzania
-Bouquete Beans from Panama

After reading this article it is becoming increasingly clear, why so many people cannot get enough of all that coffee has to offer. It’s different, unique, and does not adhere to only one flavor. You can drink coffee many times a day, over many days a week and never get bored because coffee is ready to change when you are, and there is a coffee that is out there for everyone to try and enjoy! Don’t be afraid to join the rest of the world in their coffee craze. This aromatic, energetic drink is without a doubt so delicious and impossible to resist. In addition it provides a lot of variety and flavors that one can constantly try. Fresh roasted coffee has the power to reach people’s adventurous and daring side and take them to a world of whole new different flavors that they never imagined could taste so good. Coffee isn’t just about enjoying good flavors, but spending time making intellectual conversations with people you love. It is more than just a fresh, roasted drink to devour. It’s a symbol of interaction, conversation, and being a community. It symbolizes bonding together over a common goal and making memories that are unforgettable.

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