How to Make Restaurant Quality Coffee at Home

Often coffee tends to be simplified when made at home. Many people tend to resort to quite easy methods when making their own at-home coffee, such as using instant coffee and basic creamers and milks. It can sometimes be hard to go beyond this basic process because it can be quite daunting to approach the more complex methods of coffee making that restaurants typically utilize and therefore, we tend to shun away from the possibility of even adopting such methods within our own home. It becomes even more difficult for people to utilize restaurant style techniques of coffee making at home, when such techniques are completely new to people. When something is new or unfamiliar to someone, they tend to be very slow at doing whatever new thing they are doing and sometimes even make many mistakes along the way. The two perfect reasons that become excuses for why people stick to instant coffee. Don’t get me wrong. I myself, am also an instant coffee user. I do use it quite a bit when I need a coffee fix, but don’t have enough time and it for sure satiates my coffee fix, but sometimes I do crave for more. If you find yourself often desiring restaurant style coffee almost every morning, but do not have the courage to switch up your easy and familiar coffee routine for one that is more complex, yet rewarding then look no further. In this article, I will go over the methods, tips, and tricks that you should consider when creating that perfect restaurant style coffee. In this way, making a more complex coffee can be something challenging and rewarding, while also becoming a more familiar routine to you! Here we go!

Problem Solve Your Mediocre Coffee Problem!
I know that when I realized I was spending too much money on cafe or restaurant style coffee, I was aching to make myself a good cup of coffee at home. That way I could save a lot of money! I realized though quite quickly, that no matter how many recipes of coffee that exist out there on the internet, I was often disappointed with the tastes it produced. It often tasted nothing like the coffee I enjoyed at my favorite cafe and that made me quite sad. I wanted to be able to enjoy the same great tasting coffee from my favorite cafe without ever feeling that horrid guilt of dropping about $5 for a cup of it daily. Even when I looked on the internet for the tips on how to make my coffee exactly like my favorite cafe, the results still fell short from my expectations. If you are currently experiencing the same issue as me, then the first thing you should do to get yourself closer to that perfect, cafe style cup of joe is to problem solve where your problem may be. There can actually be a myriad of factors that are inhibiting you from getting that great-tasting coffee, even when you follow the directions exactly as stated! Check them out!

Blame it On Your Coffee Machine


















If you are using instant coffee to try and recreate your favorite cafe coffee then that already signals to you your problem! Instant coffee may give you the satisfaction you need, but it is instant and therefore will not produce the best and greatest tasting coffee. If you really want to create that perfect cup of joe then takes some time to survey the tools you are using. Does your coffee machine have good reviews on various websites? Or did you pick the cheapest one you could find at the store without ever really doing your research on whether they were as good as they claim to be. A good coffee machine is going to grind your coffee beans and mix them up in the water in a way that produces the smoothest and richest coffee. If you aren’t feeling that from your own coffee machine, then chances are your coffee machine may not be the best one out there. Unfortunately, recreating amazing restaurant style coffee may come with a bit of a price. You might need to invest quite a bit of money into a really good, well known coffee machine, if you are absolutely determined to yield similar coffee tastes to the ones you enjoy at cafes and restaurants. Do a lot of research and realize that if you are feeling a little uneasy about dropping a lot of money on a coffee machine that many say produce great coffee, just remember that the investment is worth it in the end, if it produces the taste you are looking for without that hefty price that comes per cup!

Are You Maintaining Your Coffee Machine Well?
Another problem that could be inhibiting you from being able to enjoy a similar restaurant style coffee can be attributed to your inability to clean your coffee machine. Improper maintenance of your coffee machine may actually be the culprit behind your mediocre homemade coffee. A dirty coffee machine will most likely leave behind oily residue from old coffee beans that actually end up greatly affecting the taste of your new coffee beans believe it or not. If you tend to brew with hard water (tap water), over time the water leaves behind harsh calcium deposits that end up affecting the flavors of your coffee beans when it brews. Overall, you need to aim to clean your coffee machine, once a month at the very least, in order to ensure that your coffee machine is working at its optimal level and offering you the best with every brew!

It’s All in Your Grind















In addition to the proper maintenance and correct usage of your coffee machine, your coffee beans are just as important to creating that perfect homemade, restaurant style coffee. If you feel like your coffee flavor is severely lacking then this could be the problem of your coffee beans. They may not be a very good brand. Do your research on the many brands of coffee beans that exist out there and be mindful of the many flavors they can produce as well as their reputation. Tastier coffee beans will inevitably be pricier, but it will be rewarding in the end, if it means giving you that cup of joe that you have been craving. A general rule of thumb when it comes to purchasing coffee beans is to typically go for arabica beans as opposed to Robusta. Arabica beans account for almost 97% of the world’s coffee beans and undoubtedly produce the best coffee results. The beans that come from the arabica coffee bean plant are typically smoother and richer. They often are not accompanied with harsh and bitter notes that the Robusta bean can often provide. For this reason, it is important to search for the perfect coffee beans. If you really want to, head out to your favorite restaurant or cafe and ask them what kind of coffee beans they use. They will most definitely help you out and this will no doubt you get you closer to crafting a professional style cup of joe!

Tips on How to Perfect Restaurant Style Coffee at Home (Approved by Professional Baristas!)

Stick to Whole Bean Coffee















If you feel as if you can’t invest a lot of money on the same type of coffee beans that your favorite restaurant uses or another reason prevents you from buying that coffee bean then that is okay! You can still invest good money on coffee beans that are not breaking your bank totally and will still yield similar results to professional coffee. The key to buying good coffee beans is to go for whole coffee beans as opposed to coffee beans that have already been ground up. The act of purchasing whole bean coffee and then grinding up the beans yourself, produces a more fresh and flavorful coffee, and this fact has been approved by many professional coffee makers out there!

Try Out a Scale
Scales will actually be your friend as opposed to spoons! Great tasting coffee seems to taste even better when the ratios of coffee beans have been measured out on a scale as opposed to with a spoon. For some reason, measuring on the spoon, does not produces as accurate results of coffee bean ratios as they do when you measure them out on a scale. The perfect cup of coffee entails having the exact measurements down. If ratios are skewed then the coffee becomes unbalanced and less flavorful. It is typically recommended that you measure about 180 grams of whole bean coffee per carafe. Carafes will typically be used if you want to share your amazing homemade coffee with a myriad of guests! It is best to measure out about 180 grams of whole bean coffee per carafe. If you want to make a smaller amount of that infamous restaurant style coffee, measure about 90 grams of whole bean coffee per 6-cup automatic drip coffeemaker! Using that scale, will surely get you closer to that perfect cup of cafe quality joe.

Store Your Coffee in Ceramic Canisters






















Once that bag of coffee beans has been opened, you must keep the coffee beans elsewhere! Failure to store your coffee beans properly can yield to stale coffee beans that do not taste fresh at all! Shield your coffee beans away in a ceramic canister that is located away from the sunlight. Typically opt for ceramic or glass containers that are dark in color. They work the best in helping to keep your coffee beans fresh once the bag has been opened. Be sure to never freeze your coffee beans as well. Freezing your coffee beans can actually absorb the moisture within the bean itself and this can greatly affect the flavor!

Have Some Knowledge on Your Coffee Bean
Another rookie mistake that people tend to make when trying to create that perfect cup of joe, is failure to do enough research on the coffee beans that they are using. It is very important that you understand where your coffee beans come from. Coffee beans can come from a wide variety of geographical places and these places have a very profound effect on how the coffee will end up tasting. For example, coffee beans that come from places within Africa will typically be very dark and acidic. South American coffee beans are way less acidic and fall on the line of a medium roast. Do some research on the type of coffee beans that many professionals tend to opt for and also figure out your own preferences. Knowing what you want out of a professional tasting cup of coffee will help get you closer to the homemade perfection that you desire.

Practice, Practice, Practice






















Telling you the exact way to make the coffee you desire would be quite difficult because coffee comes in so many different flavors and everyone has a different taste preference that they prefer when drinking coffee. It is up to not only you to figure out what you are looking for to satisfy your professional coffee desires, but you also owe it to yourself to practice and stay determined. Note that even the most professional coffee makers, made bad coffee at one point and even they had to work hard to perfect their skills. Creating the perfect restaurant style cup of joe is not going to happen instantaneously. A more complex coffee is going to be more difficult to create. It honestly boils down to a type of science and it will take many trials and errors until you get there, but don’t give up. Practice really does make perfect and if your patient enough to stick it out, a delicious, homemade, professional tasting coffee is truly more around the corner then you think. So, don’t be discouraged. Take these tips into serious consideration. Get in the kitchen and start brewing! Most importantly have fun! When you have a positive attitude and are optimistic while brewing that coffee, you truly will taste the difference!

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