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It is safe to say that not many people often think of mugs when they already are so busy with their hectic schedules and lives. I mean mugs? What is there to them? While mugs seem to be of no important value to many and merely seen as an object that holds your trusty beverage, mugs are actually a lot more powerful than you think. There is something exciting about them other than the fact that they hold whatever drink you consume (mostly hot). Mugs are more than just objects. When you look deep into what mugs are, you will see that they are also a symbol of creativity and artistic vision. They, like any object, when used by someone can tell a story about that someone with the mere way that they are used and the way they look. Different types of mugs and the different ways they look each help to represent the personality and depth of every individual out there. Mugs are made to provide you with warmth and also send a message across to people about the kind of person you are. Let us for starters delve into what mugs symbolize.
Mugs and What They Stand For

Mugs are often symbolic of happy and joyous occasions. Normally mugs are designed for the purpose of holding hot drinks. They are characterized by having a handle and normally are larger and deeper than cups used to carry cold drinks. Mugs are often used to hold hot drinks such as coffee, tea, hot chocolate, or even hot foods such as soup. Mugs carry hot drinks and hot drinks are often a symbol of colder seasons. We often associate drinking hot beverages with colder seasons and colder seasons like fall or winter are representative of many different things. Fall is characterized by warmer clothing, cute boots, warm orange colors that decorate trees, auburn and copper colors, crisp leaves, pumpkins (pumpkin spice latte, pies, and all), and so much more. Fall is also representative of food as it is when Thanksgiving takes place. All of these elements make fall an exciting season to experience and therefore drinking hot drinks during this season where temperatures dip lower can definitely make one feel very excited. Fall is an important time for a new season to begin, for the Earth to begin shedding the everything old, and for family to get together over great food. All of these jovial elements make fall and mugs linked together in a way that unconsciously makes one very enthusiastic. Of course you also cannot forget about winter. Winter is linked to snow, cold seasons, snowmen, bells, Christmas, New Years, family and more. All elements that are meant to trigger feelings of excitement and eagerness. Winter represents even colder weather and with that mugs to hold your trusty beverages as they keep you warm during the chilly, but joyous season. As you can see mugs unconsciously can bring forth a lot of anticipation of the idea that their mere function provides us warmth and comfort during seasons where contentment and satisfaction run rampant. Mugs represent the idea of warmth, comfort, holidays and family and for that reason they are more than just their intended function.
They are a Reflection of You
Another great thing about mugs is that they don´t just come looking like one, simple object and that is it. Mugs are all different and unique on their own. They often feature cool colors, drawings, pictures, quotes, patterns and more that are all insanely unique and beautiful in their own way. Mugs come in various styles that can each cater to everyone´s own specific individuality. They make a statement about a person and for that reason, so many people love them. It would be a lie to say that it isn´t intriguing to go looking for your own cute mugs that represent you. When you have so many options to choose from seasonal mugs to sports mugs to funny quotes or philosophical ones and more. There are millions of mugs that each can represent a little part of who you are such as your favorite season, sports team, color or quirky things that you yourself find funny or inspiring. Mugs can also be a great way for companies to advertise themselves to others and make profit. Mugs are a symbolic representation of your artistic, creative, and business side and for that reason these little objects shouldn’t be overlooked.
All Types of Mugs

Mugs can come in all different types of materials. Old mugs back in the day (I´m talking ancient mugs) used to be shaped out of wood, bone, or clay. Modern mugs are now made of a variety of materials such as bone china, earthenware, stoneware, and porcelain which are all ceramics. They can also be made of a strengthened glass such as pyrex, though these types of mugs are not very common. When the mugs are crafted to resist breakage or reduce weight than the mugs can also come in forms of enameled metal, plastic, or steel. Generally mugs will carry logos, pictures, and words that are fired onto the mug to ensure they don´t get destroyed. Silk screen printing or decals are used to apply these decals, logos, pictures, and more. Mugs can also come in a travel type with a lid on top to avoid spillage. These travel mugs can also be decorated as well. Mugs are often crafted with thick walls to ensure that there is no quick heating or cooling of drinks. The bottoms of mug are not flat rather concave to prevent as much thermal contact from the happening between the bottom of the mug and whatever surface it is on. The cross-like structure of the handle is used to help with making sure the heat of the liquid does not heat the handle.
Uses for Mugs

Mugs have now been branched as having multiple functions other than its intended function. Many people over time have devised creative uses for mugs that shy away from its traditional function and this makes mugs even more versatile in functionality and usage.
Make a Candle
There are now many do it yourself projects that encompass using your mug as a very cute and unique candle holder. Many websites post cool ways of turning your mug into an artsy candle holder to decorate your room or other places.
Create a Mini Garden
Other purposes for mugs include making your own little garden. Forget about flower pots when you have your own little mug that is more decorative than those average flower pots. You can plant tiny little flowers in your mug and make it the perfect décor for any room!
Craft Delicious, 5 Minute Desserts
Try using your mug to make delicious treats! Your mugs can be used to make microwaveable desserts such as mug cakes and brownies that are ready to eat within 5 minutes of heating! You can use one mug to hold your delicious tea or coffee as you use another mug to eat your 5 minute cake or brownie. The best part is that they taste like the ones that you bake in the oven and they require very little preparation time in comparison.
Get Crafty with Old Mugs
If you are feeling as if your favorite mug has done some serious time and it starting to show signs of wear, then you can actually try this cool DIY that includes breaking your mug to make an extremely cool mug mosaic. Various websites give you specific instructions on just how you can achieve this to make your old mugs look cool and new again.
Use it as a Music Speaker
If you enjoy music than you will really enjoy this cool mug trick that involves amplifying the music from your phone. You simply place the mug on its side, put the phone in the mug, with speakers of the phone facing the bottom of the mug and from there play your favorite music with a much louder and amplified sound. This helps because the sound bounces off the depth of the walls.
The Perfect Cookie Cutter
Use them to make perfect round shapes for your cookies. If you don´t have a cookie cutter and you don´t feel like investing in one, simply place the bottom of your mug into your dough and cut out perfect round shapes for cookies.
Control the Portions of Your Snacks
Using a mug can also help with portion control when it comes to snacking. It is quite common for people to snack on large amounts of food to the point that they spoil lunch or dinner for themselves. They often do this by using large bowls and filling those bowls to the rim with various amounts of snack that result in a portion size that is way beyond snacking. To have more control over this, place your snacks in a mug instead. You will see that a mug carries a lot less snacks than a bowl and that helps you to snack on a good amount so that you don´t fill yourself up before a meal.
Why Mug Collections are a Hit
The art of mug collecting is quite a common thing among many coffee and tea drinkers. They tend to over time build a grandeur stock of various beautiful mugs that all carry their own specific meaning, value, and individuality. Many people love to collect mugs for the reason that the mere idea of choosing a mug for your drink in the morning is actually very exciting. The art of choosing anything really from a wide variety of objects you love is bound to produce a form of happiness. It is a little pick me up in the morning where life can sometimes go beyond your scope of choices and it is nice to have a beautiful collection that is tied to uniquely you and something only you have control over. The mere thought of that makes mug collecting a very appealing activity. Mug collecting can also help with your motivation and desire to travel the world. Over time as you gain an impressive stock of mugs, obtaining mugs from various places soon becomes a desire. You use it as a souvenir and a way to commemorate a trip you did and a place you fell in love with. Add that in addition to the fact that you can actually personalize your own mugs and order as many mugs tailored to your own desire and imagination. Choose mugs that represent the mood you are feeling that day. These options are what make mug collecting a serious hit for many coffee and tea drinkers.
Types of Mugs You Can Collect
Here is a nice list of different types of mugs you can think about collecting as you get your own mug collection started!
To-go and travel size mugs
Personalized mugs
Souvenir mugs
Patterned mugs
Sports mugs
Alumni/school mugs
Mugs with quotes on them
Mugs that reference movies, songs, artists
A mug rack or display case (because your going to need to proudly display those beautiful objects)
As time goes on and you start to really gain a serious momentum with your collection of mugs you can even check out extremely cool and creative spaces that you can create within your living space so that you can keep your mugs in all one area, as your collection expands further. Mug collectors can feel free to decorate the space around the display of mugs and that could make for some serious artistic talent being demonstrated.

After this article, I hope you see why mugs deserve more credit and spotlight than they actually get. Yeah sure the drinks they carry are extremely cool, but these nifty articles are truly an advantage to possess as they symbolize creativity, individuality, and thinking outside the box when it comes to functionality. They are the inventive objects of the modern society and all the unique and diverse people that make it up and for that reasons mugs are totally deserving of this much needed spotlight.

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