The Alta Mogiana coffee growing region sits at altitude upwards of 1200 MASL. Over 85% of the coffee grown in the region is of a very high quality, grown in optimal conditions in a lush and biodiverse environment. Alta Mogiana produces some of the most consistently sweet, clean, and well-structured dry-process coffees in Brazil. map

Out of the exceptional coffees you can expect from Alta Mogiana, our blend is produced from only the top lots. Lots from individual farms are hand selected, processed and blended to create a smooth, clean, highly consistent coffee. The goal is to have a consistent profile for every lot, year in and year out, so you can always expect the highest quality and consistent taste. On top of that we have the benefit of a vertical supply chain structure from the farm to the processing mill to the importer, and finally on to you. We can visit the mill and form relationships with the farmers and mill managers to verify quality, environmental and economic sustainability practices in a fully transparent way.

Fresh-roasted, single-origin, single-milled, peaberry coffee beans are hand-picked, sorted for quality, then lightly roasted and finely ground into pure coffee goodness.

We then take the grinds and long steep them using cold purified water over 12-16 hours which truly makes for the perfect hand-crafted cup of joe. The length of Bowery Coffee Co.’s brew omits the bitter oils, tannins and fatty acids that are commonly associated with traditional hot brew & the long extraction time gives each bottle nearly 3 times the caffeine of a normal cup of coffee.

Cold Brew Coffee Company California

Bowery Cold Brew Coffee is the Ready-To-Drink, direct trade cold brew coffee that is remarkably smooth, deliciously flavorful with a completely unique and distinct creamy sweetness they people love. Did you hear that? Thats the sound of 4 billion coffee drinkers rejoicing!
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