Regions: Where Some of the World’s Best Coffee Beans are Produced

People all over the world cannot get enough of coffee. That is no secret it all. Coffee has taken the world by storm ever since the first coffee bean was discovered in the 9th century in Ethiopia. Over time this little bean became a hit all over the continent of Africa, spreading into the Middle East and soon gaining momentum with Europeans who traveled through these places and were able to get a sip of this delectable drink. Since then coffee shops have been booming everywhere around the world with popular places like Starbucks, Costa, Peet’s Coffee, Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf, and other shops being posted in cute pictures all over social media. Coffee is popular and the mere internet and social media is proof of that. It’s not a secret as to why coffee is so well liked among many. It has a sweet, aromatic, smell to it. Characterized with an acidic yet smooth and rich flavor and multiplied with the addition of sweet creamers and syrups for those who have a sweet tooth. Coffee beans when ground produce extremely addictive smells that are earthy, strong, yet extremely aromatic and comforting whenever you smell it. Coffee beans are potent little things. They have the power to make the whole world go crazy, seeking for the best coffee beans and they bring about such potent smells that have everyone lining up, and craving one. They also pack a serious caffeine punch as a stimulant and give a good amount of energy to people who are sluggish or slow on those really busy days. The question that rings out though for most people is where to buy and possess the best quality of coffee beans that exist? For everyone knows that the quality of the coffee beans is what makes the quality of the coffee. Not so great coffee beans yield a disappointing cup of Joe that is not worthy enjoying and when days get real rough you want to avoid that at all costs. So, without further ado I give you some of the best coffee beans that are notably produced around the world. Take these coffee bean regions into consideration when making your next smart purchase on homemade coffee for you and your family!

Best Countries for Production of Coffee Beans

It appears that on they also had similar questions about where is the best place to spend your money when it comes to coffee beans. They hauled in many coffee industry experts from around the world to give their expert advice and ideas on the countries that produce the best tasting coffee beans globally. Here is what the results yielded!


It appears that Ethiopia had the highest picks of all other coffee producing countries in terms of where the best coffee beans are produced. It kind of makes sense though when you think about it considering the first ever coffee bean discovered in the 9th century was in Ethiopia. Ethiopia hit about 221,000 tons of coffee beans that they produced in the year 2017. What sets Ethiopia apart from all other coffee producing areas around the world can be attributed to the fact that not only is it the birthplace of coffee but it also is a way of life for the Ethiopian population. Many coffees producing regions produced coffee beans as a cash crop through colonization. Ethiopia is not like that and in that sense the care and passion put into the growing the coffee beans the right way that it is insurmountable when compared to all other coffee bean regions. Everything in Ethiopia is intertwined with coffee production and through that there is ardent care and carefulness put in the coffee beans when produced. Add that to the fact that Ethiopian coffee beans have genetically 99% more material than other coffee beans, there is no doubt about it that Ethiopia is number one for coffee lovers. They are known to have an extreme variety of coffee beans that produce a wide array of flavors. Their coffee beans can come in a natural state or a washed state. The dry state of the coffee beans is characterized by cherry being dried around the coffee bean whereas the washed state of the coffee beans produced are washed and the fruit gets stripped off within 12 hours. These two different methods yield different flavors for the coffee beans. The natural coffee bean has a fruitier and wine-like flavor while the washed coffee bean has a more light and floral flavor. Think of Ethiopian coffee beans as the original or the mother of coffee beans and all other coffee producing regions are a copy. A copy that is very exceptional tasting but never quite imitates the original with its fruity and sweet notes and an earthy, floral aroma. If you are looking for the best of the best then look no further. Ethiopian coffee beans are true coffee and all that it has to offer.


Kenya was chosen as the next best coffee bean producing country in the world by the coffee industry experts. The experts who chose Kenya as the best region stated that of the many coffee cups they had that were the most exquisite, majority of the coffee beans hailed from either Ethiopia or Kenya. One distinctive aspect of how the Kenyan coffee beans are produced is the fact that they are actually grown majority of the time in the shade, which is different from other types of coffee beans. Most state that when tasting Kenyan coffee, they report a sort of berry and currant taste that is sweet and mixed with acidic and smooth texture of the coffee. The flavors mix well together in a way that is very memorable. They produce arabica coffee beans like Ethiopia does. Their coffee bean body is known to be very rich and heavy with a bright acidity flavor. Their most prominent flavor as stated before carries a sort of berry or lemongrass flavor that makes the coffee beans taste less bitter and more smooth and sweet, although sometimes people say they taste an almost tomato like flavor in the acidity aspect of the coffee beans. Extremely unique but wonderful tasting. Some people have compared the taste to having a certain characteristic that is similar to a wine aftertaste.


Colombia was listed as another one of the best countries for coffee bean production according to many coffee lovers and experts. One unique aspect of the Colombian coffee region, is that it experiences two harvest seasons instead of one harvest season. This allows for more delicious coffee beans to be produced year-round for the rest of the world enjoy. Upon drinking Colombian coffee beans, many report that they experience a rich fruity flavor that is similar to fresh fruits. Of course, the region produces an array of different coffee beans that result in many different flavors, but for the most part, a lot of people report that they always notice a fruity characteristic in their coffee beans that produce a ripe and distinctive flavor that sets this coffee apart from others. Their coffee beans have also been noted to carry a caramel or nutty undertone with a more mellow acidity than typical coffee beans, making them more medium-bodied and less bitter.


Guatemala is known as a popular hit between many coffee industry experts as well. Many experts included Guatemala in their list of top 3 coffee bean regions, stating that the Guatemalan coffee beans have a really sweet, balanced, and full-flavored coffee taste. Guatemala is unique in the sense that they have a volcanic soil that actually nourishes their crops. This volcanic soil alters the taste of the coffee beans providing a primarily extremely strong acidity taste with a taste reminiscent of rich chocolate. Some coffee experts state they enjoy how the coffee beans sort of provide a smoky taste. The Guatemalan highlands have a jungle type environment with shade that provides very good growing conditions for a bright coffee full of smoky, floral, and fruity flavors. If the coffee beans come from around Lake Attilan area than the coffee beans there produce a more cinnamon and chocolate flavor for those who enjoy a more rich and sweet coffee. The Antigua region of Guatemala is known to have really high-quality coffee beans. The soils for the coffee are known to be optimal for the coffee beans, providing the coffee bean with a full and velvety body.

Best Regions in Each Country

that I have narrowed down the list of the best coffee producing countries, I will now narrow it down to the best coffee producing regions within each country if you wish to be even more specific when making choices about the right coffee beans to enjoy. These regions have been picked by coffee experts and connoisseurs who have explored the coffee beans of each region to truly see if the coffee beans live up to the ultimate high standard for coffee.

Ethiopia’s Coffee Bean Regions
The best regions in Ethiopia for coffee bean production actually happen to also be the only three coffee bean regions in the country, but what else is expected when the country far succeeds any other in the best coffee beans? The country is home to the Harrar, Ghimbi, and Sidamo (Yirgarcheffee) regions. The Harrar region is home to many small farms that produce coffee beans known to have an intense but wonderful strong and dry edge flavor coupled with a wine -like and fruity acidity. The best Harrar coffees possess a strong blackberry or blueberry flavor and it is often used in espresso blends to produce intense aromas. The Ghimbi region in western Ethiopia is home to the washed method of coffee beans meaning its coffee beans produce a delectable, heavy and longer lasting body, that is very balanced in flavors. The last region (but certainly not the least) is the Sidamo or Yirgarcheffee region in the south, where the coffee beans are less intense in acidity and flavor, but very aromatic and fruity. No matter what coffee bean region you choose, if it is from Ethiopia it is sure to be good!

Kenya’s Coffee Bean Regions
The best region in Kenya for coffee would have to be the region Mt. Kenya. Mt. Kenya is known to be the region that produces the most of Kenya’s coffee beans. The region boasts equatorial sunlight with a moderate climate. Since the region is in elevation this allows the coffee bean to grow slowly allowing for ample time for the flavor of the coffee beans to develop. It also allows for more nutrients to be in the coffee bean, providing a lot of good benefits for those who decide to drink it!

Colombia’s Coffee Bean Regions
The best regions for coffee beans in Colombia boil down to the central and eastern regions of the country. The country has the Medillin coffee bean region in the central part of Colombia. Its popularity comes about due to its heavy body, rich flavor, and balanced acidity. The flavors of Medillin are starkly different from the Bogota region in the east which has a less acidic factor, yet retains a similar richness.

Guatemala’s Coffee Bean Regions
The best coffee bean regions in Guatemala would most likely have to be attributed to the Antigua region and the Atitlan region. The Atitlan is susceptible to high volcanic ash, ideal for soil along with humidity hovering in the area. The soil and weather allow for coffee beans that are pronounced in acidity and body, yet very crisp. The Antigua coffee region of Guatemala is known as one of the top regions for high quality coffee. The soil is known to be optimal for coffee bean growth with wet and dry seasons that allow for a uniform in maturation. The result introduces types of coffee beans that have a balanced acidity, a velvety body, and a rich aroma to it.

Here you are! I presented to you the best coffee bean producing countries and regions for all of your coffee experts, lovers, connoisseurs, or even coffee beginners. The coffee beans from these regions have been tried and tested by many experts and are guaranteed to be of the best and highest quality, that will ensure an enhanced coffee drinking experience that you can enjoy every morning. Try it out and make them the best start to your mornings that you have ever had!

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